Review: Iron Harvest

Iron Harvest is a new RTS game set around World War I. But this First World War has taken on a twist. Mechs or giant mechanical weaponry have replaced the tanks. Together these form the world where you are tucked in by King Art the creators of the game. They paint a picture of what the war could have been like if we had more advanced war machines at our disposal. Last year we were able to get started with a short demo and we immediately fell in love with the game. Are we still?

Iron Harvest is a traditional RTS game pur sang. The game offers you an extensive campaign with an interesting story, a multiplayer mode and the sandbox mode where you play against the computer. Three elements that make my RTS heart beat faster with me. The only question is, however, are these modes interesting enough to keep playing? Not to a degree. The campaign is quite long. You don't play the missions one after the other in fifteen minutes. The multiplayer and sandbox mode are a bit meager. You can read more about why this is the case in this review. Let's dive into the ditches of the campaign first.

The Iron Harvest campaign tells the story of the resistance girl: Anna Kos. Anna loses her brother to the horror of the First World War. As an adult, she finds out that her father is different from what he told her. In addition, she goes in search of her uncle Lech, who fights with the Polania resistance. Together with her bear Wojtek she sets out to find out who or what her father really was and where her uncle is and whether he is still alive. You can do the missions of the campaign quickly but also extensively. The main goal is to achieve the primary goals. In addition, there are secondary goals that you can complete. When you achieve the secondary goals, you get extras that help you achieve the primary goals.

Multiplayer and Sandbox Iron Harvest

Of course, the Sandbox and Multiplayer modes could not be missing in an RTS game like Iron Harvest. Although these modes are fun to play, they still feel a bit empty. This is mainly due to the fact that there is not much building or much choice of troops. Your base mainly consists of four buildings and the troops that you can build or choose are not many. The strange thing about this is that you and your engineers again have a wide range of options to build defenses. From sandbags to bunkers and everything in between you can make it as difficult as possible for your opponent. In addition, you soon learn to place your foot soldiers behind defenses, because those mechs shoot hard!

Fortunately, you can create several special units that can handle defeating those mechs. While mechs are quite strong in Iron Harvest, they've balanced that out well with the special units you can craft. Because you can only have a limited number of units, it is very important to balance your army well. If you don't, you may just be overrun by a type of mech you don't have the firepower for. The sandbox mode feels a bit simple. The difficulty levels are not really exciting, while the difficulty level in the campaign is well put together. In any case, we do notice that it is more fun to play against other players than just against the computer.


Despite the downsides of the multiplayer and sandbox mode, Iron Harvest is quite an entertaining RTS game to play. The game mainly has its campaign that is well put together. The story is compelling and entertaining to follow. In addition, the difficulty level is well adjusted in the campaign. Sandbox mode is fun to play if you want to learn more about the game, but the computer isn't really hard for you. For a good challenge it is best to play the multiplayer mode. The game provides a fast paced multiplayer experience where the games don't last too long and so you can play more games in one night.

Leaving out tanks and replacing them with mechs is a successful move. The mechs are well balanced against the normal units. Special units can give the mechs a decent fight without making you feel like your units are more cannon fodder. Because you cannot make an infinite number of units, you have to build your units tactically. Make sure your army is balanced between mechs and special units so that you can handle any battle. When you put too much into one you will find yourself being overrun by the other. Iron Harvest is a successful RTS game that we love to play. Hopefully new units and buildings will be added in the future to add even more depth to the game.


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