Review: An industrial masterpiece in the year 1800

Last week a new RTS title was released. This time it was time for Anno 1800 to see the light of day. And we are very happy that this game has finally come out. This industrial masterpiece guarantees many hours of fun. Why do I hear you thinking? You will find the answer to that in our review today.

The game series Anno has been around for quite a few years now. After the disappointing future version, Blue Byte and Ubisoft return to history. With Anno 1800 we dive into the time of the industrial revolution. With Anno 1800, Blue Byte pays great tribute to one of the most important revolutions in history. The buildings, people and the ships look fantastic. But actually the game looks great overall. The loading screens and the characters reflect a good atmosphere from then. RTS games have a habit of splitting the game into two parts: Campaign and Sandbox. We regularly see with these kinds of titles that one is at the expense of the other. How is that in the year 1800?

Campaign of Sandbox 

In Campaign mode, the player plays a son whose father died under suspicious circumstances. You are told that your father committed suicide in prison. Your father was suspected of treason and imprisoned pending trial. According to so-called eyewitnesses, your father could not handle it and took his own life. As one of his sons, the player goes in search of answers. Was your father really a traitor? And did he actually commit suicide?

When you play the Campaign mode you will notice that the whole story has been put into a single continuous game. On the basis of missions that you get from your sister, among others, you will progress further in the story. This makes the Campaign mode feel like the Sandbox mode but with a story. A smart move, because you don't have to orientate where everything is every time and you continue to build on your new settlement.
If you don't feel like a story, you can still play the Sandbox mode. You can do everything to your heart's content here. The options you can set offer enough variation to play the game more often and for longer.


Like most major RTS games, Anno 1800 plays wonderfully. However, there are some minor downsides to the controls of Anno 1800. One of these downsides is the rotation of buildings. The game gives little to no help in rotating your buildings. Because of this you regularly get some of those awkward placements. Although you can still pick up the building and place it again, I would have liked the game to offer you a little more help in placing it.

Events are also present in Anno 1800. Events can be beneficial and detrimental to your settlement. Things like fire, disease, and protests will stunt your growth. If you don't even do anything about it, it can even destroy your entire settlement. But if you take good care of your people, your people will regularly hold a parade to honor you as a leader. All these events ensure a beautiful and lively settlement
Another lack in Anno 1800 is the lack of army units. There is only one way to wage war with units and that is with your ships. With your ships you can wage war at sea and destroy harbor buildings. With anti-aircraft guns you can provide extra defense to your islands. But to really take over an island, you have to invest in shares of the island. When you have the majority of the shares you will take control of the island.


Anno 1800 is currently the RTS title you must have. The game is great in every way. Although there are some things to criticize about the game, it remains a very good game. Whether you play the Campaign mode or Sandbox mode, both guarantee hours of fun. With the various settings and the endless building potential of the game, you can spend hours with a single save file. The story flows smoothly through your playing session and does not always provide new loading screens. Anno 1800 is an industrial masterpiece and a game that we will continue to play for a long time to come.

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