Review: Immortals Fenyx Rising

Ubisoft is trying to introduce some new elements with Immortals Fenyx Rising. One of these elements is an expansion that tells a completely new story. This is what Myths of the Eastern Realm is, but is this expansion worth it?

Immortals was a cool journey for us, where Ubisoft showed that they are indeed capable enough to put down a technically strong game. We also let you know in our review for the base game . The first expansion, A New God, was mainly based on puzzles. These puzzles were often quite challenging, but the balance between combat, story and puzzles from the base game was less present here. Does Myths of the Eastern Realm balance this better? Read it in our mini review!

This time it's up to Ku

Ku is the unwritten character for this DLC. The biggest difference being that you can't customize the character this time. Ku is thus fully brought to life by Ubisoft itself. Like Fenyx, he has an ax, bow and sword. The attacks also work almost the same, mainly with a different graphic touch. This also makes sense, considering it's an expansion to the base game. The nice thing about it is that actually all elements are very similar to the base game. This way it remains a familiar feeling, with storytelling, gameplay and certain monsters.

The wings are now mechanical and all attacks in terms of drawing style based on a more Chinese style. So it's more of the same, but nicely worked out. Ku is a fairly basic character with little depth, the voice acting is also not as strong as in the base game. However, it is more than deep and long enough for a DLC. You get to see a different perspective, in the same game. This is something that you will not encounter in games every day and very cool to experience.

And further?

The map is also big enough, because the map from the base game sometimes felt too big and empty. The expansion will take you about 8 hours, which is more than fine. The biggest difference between Myths of the Eastern Realm and A New God is that this time the base game experience is much better. No endless puzzles, but a clear balance between story, puzzles and combat. A New Godfell short in terms of combat, as in that there was little to none. The map itself also looks very cool, with recognizable assets from the base game, but enough new assets to better bring out the Chinese mythology. The progression is also nice and easy, everything comes to Ku at the right time and that makes for a smooth experience. The expansion consists of 2 islands, with both a kind of powerful superpower that you have to defeat. It's all about duality and that's what makes it really cool!


There is not much more to say about Myths of the Eastern Realm. It doesn't go as deep as the base game, but it's more than fine for an expansion to Immortals itself. A New God, on the other hand, is less interesting than this expansion! This time there is more attention for other elements that give Immortals such a cool and fluid experience. So, is this expansion worth it? Definitely!


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