Review: Immortals: Fenyx Rising

After our reviews of Fenyx Rising , A New God and Myths of the Eastern Realm it's time for the third and final DLC for Immortals: Fenyx Rising, called; The Lost Gods.

Immortals was an adventure in itself. Every DLC so far added something new, but always guaranteed the Immortals 'vibe'. The Lost Gods is the third DLC for Immortals and this time with some more changes! But, are these changes also welcome? Read it in our review!

From the Ashes

The Lost Gods tells the sequel to A New God. Fenyx, now the God of Unity  , is still struggling with his newfound powers. Still, he helps Ash, a new character, on her adventure. You also play as Ash. After a fierce quarrel, the gods partly split up and made their own country. In making this decision, the best gods have not considered that the whole world will be thrown into chaos as a result. Fenyx and Athena must find an impartial solution for this, this is where Ash comes into play. Ash's love for Fenyx as a god is great and you embark on an adventure to restore balance between the gods.

The story of the DLC is told in a humorous but also quite cool way, as we are used to from Ubisoft's Immortals. The synergy between humor, action, storytelling and a colorful world is still present in this game. They aren't the best stories, but they are nicely told, have a lot of humor and don't get boring easily.

What's new?

What's cool this time is that the DLC should look a bit more like a Diablo-esque game. We get an isometric (top-down) camera perspective, a new way of dialogue and save points. These checkpoints require you to enter an item in order to save your progress. In fact, during your journey you only come across checkpoints, here you can fast travel and you can sacrifice items for some kind of gifts from the gods. I thought this was quite a cool feature and also appropriate for the type of gameplay that Ubisoft was going for this DLC.

The isometric perspective took some getting used to, but actually suited the combat from Immortals very well. Still, sometimes I wanted to pull my right stick down for a better angle, out of habit of course. But, once you get used to the perspective, it's really cool to play the game with these kinds of new features.

The dialogues are now held via dialogs, as isometric games often do. Well, luckily, everything is still voiced dialogue! I personally thought this only added to the experience that was put down.

The DLC is also quite long, as you still have 3 areas to waltz through. These areas generally look great, but are nothing new in terms of assets or whatever. The upgrade system this time requires you to start all over again, which actually makes sense, given the kind of new gameplay we're getting. This time, you'll need to upgrade with items you find, in the form of Essences . The upgrade system gets a bit cluttered and difficult to follow after a while.

The elephant in the room

After playing all the DLC, I have developed a bit of a soft spot for the game. Not as in, that it's the best game of all time. No, more as in; it makes bold choices and is not afraid of criticism. Where A New God  and Myths of the Eastern Realm , according to many, looked too much like the base game, The Lost Gods would do this too little. I personally think that trying out this kind of DLC with different worlds, characters or even camera perspectives is just cool. It doesn't always have to work out well, but it offers a broader perspective on the same game and I can only appreciate that!

Verdict and review

The Lost Gods is a refreshing, but not perfect adventure. It shows that the developers are embracing and trying new things to see what works best for the game they have in their hands. Judging by the number of experiments, I have the idea that Immortals is going to get another tail, and deserved it!

Immortals is not a perfect game, it has enough to moan and whine about. But, Immortals for me was a game that turned a genre I love into an experiment with new gameplay elements, features, systems and a cool way of storytelling and world building. All in all, I can wholeheartedly recommend Immortals, especially for the sale prices, to any action-adventure or RPG-lite fan.


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