Review: Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising is one of the most technical feats Ubisoft has released in recent years, a game with few to no flaws and great gameplay. Now it's time for the first expansion, can Fenyx become a god?

This short review contains spoilers for the Immortals Fenyx Rising base game. A New God is set after the central storytelling. So only read if you're not sensitive to spoilers, or if you've already played the main story!

A New God is the direct 'sequel' to the central story. This base game was released last year and took elements from various games, and then cram them into a Greek mythological jacket. This worked out really well in my opinion, because Immortals is the most Breath of the Wild like game we can get on the PS4/PS5. The game was also a title that came out early in the Playstation 5's life, so this made the graphics and performance top notch. But, you can read more about it in our base game review !

A New God is really just a piece of the end game for Immortals. It is 1 of 3 upcoming expansions. So in this expansion you still play as Fenyx, where the next DLC will take you to other main characters! You start the DLC with a short tutorial, because you start it separately from the main story in the main menu. That explanation is pretty basic, but you soon find out how the attacks and movement worked again.

What immediately struck me is that the world where you end up in A New God seems a lot limited and smaller at the beginning. It's kind of a hub with small puzzles that lead to temples where you then do challenges. The freedom that the base game has is lost a bit with this. It feels like you're playing an MMORPG, where the end game consists of running dungeons and raids. Alone, you play alone here so the challenge is a little bigger. The puzzles in the temples themselves were once again a great experience and sometimes really got me thinking. The concise hub does allow you to move quickly from mission to mission, so you're not running or teleporting endlessly.

The puzzles are really a lot more difficult and require you to have some knowledge of the mechanics of Immortals. Some puzzles really play with the boundary of the gameplay elements that Immortals contains. Sometimes you are even forced to use tactics that are out of the ordinary in order to achieve your goal. The only thing that I regret is that the combat in A New God is nowhere near enough. The game has very strong combat and I just miss it a bit too often here. Or, they should have alternated it more.

It is clear that the puzzles in Immortals are one of the strongest features. The combat is therefore not something unique per se, but it is an expression that the base game has taken on and one that is simply missing far too often in A New God. The combat that is there in A New God is often unique, where you have to make more use of your environment than you are used to from the base game. The sad thing is that it doesn't happen often enough. The story itself is told in the same ways we're used to and that works great for Immortals: A New God. It's funny where it's supposed to be and serious when the end is coming.


While A New God isn't a bad DLC, the developers could have added more of the base game elements and mechanics. Although many new things are thrown at you, it almost feels like a spin-off rather than an extension of Immortals itself. However, the DLC is very challenging and the puzzles themselves are vastly different from each other. The story is well told with just enough humor to make me laugh. The second DLC certainly looks good if I may experience this, hopefully with a little more combat!

Are you looking forward to the new Immortals DLC? In any case, this one is worth playing! Look forward to our reviews on upcoming expansions and more soon! You can keep track of everything we post on our Facebook ! You can play A New God through the season pass, among other things. Besides that, the base game is currently on sale in several places. A perfect moment for a new RPG light, right?


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