Review: Immortals: Fenyx Rising

Griffins, giants, cyclops, harpies and other mythical creatures, it's all in Ubisoft's latest game! Immortals: Fenyx Rising is a game that combines many elements from other games. But, does this make the game unique enough? Read it here!

Immortals: Fenyx Rising feels like an ode to Greek mythology with all its creatures, gods and areas. The game will be released on December 3, 2020 for Google Stadia, Playstation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch and PC! On PC, you can get it through both Epic Games Store and Uplay. Now I can stop playing Genshin Impact , finally. Read here in the review how the game actually plays!
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In Immortals you play as Fenyx, a demigod(dess), depending on the gender you choose. Then it's up to you to save the abode of the Greek gods from a curse. You will encounter different characters, gods and monsters on your adventure. This is where the game leaves a strong first impression: the story! The map you are playing has 4 areas, in the middle of those areas your villain is hiding in a fiery area. You work out different storylines in all 4 areas to eventually be strong enough to defeat Typhon.

The story is told in a number of ways. So you have the narrators named Prometheus and Zeus. Prometheus is chained and tells Zeus the story of Phenyx. Zeus has no faith in humanity and is therefore someone who can sometimes steer the story in a certain unexpected direction. In the beginning you hear them very often, sometimes a little too often, talking about your adventure. However, this is becoming less and less, which in itself is very strong. The two narrators also do a great job, with all the humor we know from Ubisoft games. Immortals often really made me laugh with funny one-liners or animations that you really didn't expect at that moment.

All in all, the story is beyond expectations a very good and strongly told story. It doesn't do anything spectacular, but keeps you constantly engaged, introducing new characters and key moments all the time. The biggest drawback is the protagonist himself, who gets off to a slow start in the beginning. Afterwards your character gets more and more 'character' and it remains interesting to follow it.



It's no secret that Immortals is very similar to Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. Let's start by saying that several developers from that game also worked on Immortals. It therefore feels like a more playful Odyssey, where there are no boundaries between real and mythology. You notice this in almost all aspects in the game, where we just start with the combat. The combat is by far one of the best features in Immortals. From moment one I knew that the combat was going to be great. It feels very playful, free and yet also very challenging depending on the difficulty you choose.

On the Playstation 5 you have R1 as a light attack, where you strike with a sword as if there is no tomorrow. R2 brings out the axe. A mega-sized two-sided ax that feels nice and heavy to use. Of course there is also your bow and skills. Using bow and arrow is really cool. You can control your arrow when you shoot with L2 + R1. With this you will solve various puzzles, but you can also use it to have a little fun with your enemies. Your skills are also very nice at times, where you can for example throw enemies up with spears that slide out of the ground, or where you can knock an immense hammer against the surface. However you get used to it, there is almost nothing to say about the combat. The only thing that sometimes makes battles difficult is the camera when you lock on enemies,this feels really weird somehow.

Boss fights are also very difficult at times, luckily! No matter how many times you play games and blast through them like you're a god, Ubisoft knows how to give you the right challenge at the right time. 


Your story, their world

Immortals starts with a character creation, where you will make your Fenyx and then start your adventure. That character creation isn't the most comprehensive, but it does more than enough to make you feel like you can create your own character. The game also has a hub where you will receive multiple upgrades. You save a number of resources by playing in the big world. This way you have resources to upgrade your potions, increase your stamina or strengthen your weapons. You can also change your own character in terms of looks at any time.

Stamina is obtained by completing temples. These temples each offer their own unique challenge, which can sometimes make your brain work. These temples are of course derived from Breath of the Wild, but that does not mean that they fit very well into the world of the gods in Immortals. It constantly feels like Typhon is challenging you to be a worthy challenger. This way you also have enough puzzles and challenges throughout the world, which can keep you busy at times. Very well done, hats off!

The world itself is lush and full of colors. Just like in Odyssey, Ubisoft knows how to make the most of Greek mythology. The color palette is exceptionally extensive and playing the game on HDR screen is worth a little drool on my sweater. The world is also well put together. If I had to offer one criticism, it would be that the world could use a little more people, but that of course contradicts the story. What the layout of the world made me think of was World of Warcraft, where the Ice Crown stood in the middle and you leveled up your character in the maps around it.


There are many kinds of animals and enemies to be found in the world of the gods. From minotaurs to cyclopes to three-headed dogs, nothing is too crazy for Fenyx. You just notice that the developers had a lot of fun making the enemies and actually the entire game. Exploration is also a cool element in the game. You can climb and glide anywhere, although this will cost you stamina. You can also double jump and dash to use during exploration or combat!

Graphics and performance

As I mentioned before, Immortals is a very beautiful and especially colorful title. All designs in the world are stylish, playful and fit within the Greek theme. So there is very little to say about this. The only thing that struck me was that in performance mode the game kept a long drawing distance, but some trees looked like they had been drawn by a toddler. We couldn't test the game in fidelity mode yet, because it was only available from launch. However, I immediately noticed how smoothly the game runs on the Playstation 5. I rarely if ever had frame drops and the game ran smoothly at all times at 60FPS on my 4K HDR monitor.

Also, there were little to no bugs in my play sessions. Sometimes I really wondered if this was a Ubisoft game…



Immortals: Fenyx Rising is a game that I never thought would turn out so well. The game is playful, extremely beautiful and the gameplay is also nice and smooth. I don't have much to say about the game, except for a few minor flaws. I can therefore recommend the game to anyone who is looking for a nice, extensive RPG to lose yourself enough hours in.


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