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The first Harvest Moon I ever got to play dates back to 1998. On my Game Boy I came across my first farm game to which I became addicted. I can still remember the addiction for some time and then had the game in my Game Boy for weeks. Now 23 years later and many farm games later, such as Story of Seasons , it was time to return to Harvest Moon. Harvest Moon: One World came out at the beginning of this month and I couldn't resist the temptation to run a small farm again.

Harvest Moon: One World takes the player to a world where there really are no crops. No crops, that sounds quite strange when you think about it. Only in an old book that your character owns does the story tell about the many types of crops that grew on farms. While searching for food for your mother, you come across a friendly creature. This creature is a Wisp. Once you've come across them, you'll find out that you're the only one who can see these creatures. The Wisps need your help to help an old acquaintance from the Harvest Moon saga: the Harvest Goddess. Only by saving the Harvest Goddess can the world enjoy the crops of yesteryear again.

To free the Harvest Godess, get help from the countless Wisps that can be found in the world. In the five areas of the world you have to meet a number of conditions to free the "main" Wisps. If you free them all, the Harvest Godess will also be freed. In addition to the main story, there are countless other side quests that you can do. These are there to help the people of the country. Many of those side quests consist of supplying certain crops or other items to repair or build structures. Actually, there is plenty to do besides just taking care of your farm.

Expando Farm

Unlike most farm games, in Harvest Moon: One World you get a farm that you can take anywhere. Super handy since the world is quite big and you don't always have the time or inclination to make long distances between your farm or a city. Besides moving your farm you can also buy horses to shorten your travel time. But fast travel between the areas is also an option to make quick progress. However, the advantage of taking your farm with you is that it is easier and faster to get to the area where you are working for the story and the side quests.

Slowly but surely other buildings will be added to your Expando Farm so that you can independently make everything to run your farm. However, you cannot buy the seeds in Harvest Moon: One World. You can find these with the Wisps you encounter throughout the game world. Each Wisp has a seed available that you can pick up from them for free. You can then plant these seeds on your Expando Farm and grow them into a product. You need these products for the missions and requests of the residents. But of course you can also sell them to earn money with which you can buy animals for your farm, for example.


Harvest Moon: One World is a fun family friendly farm game for all ages. By collecting seeds for free, the game is quite easy to play. Basically you don't have to worry about money, as you mainly use the money to buy animals for your farm. If you have one of everything you are provided and collecting money is no longer really necessary. The simple gameplay allows you to play the game together with the small children in your family. Although there are a few refreshing changes to the game, such as the Expando Farm, the game quickly becomes repetitive. But that's pretty much the case with most farm games. Fortunately, the game world is big enough to explore and meet people.

Still, Harvest Moon: One World is another game that is entertaining in the Story of Seasons Saga. Natsume Inc. brings some new elements to their Saga to throw some innovations into an old recipe. This will work for the first few hours of playing the game. Hopefully they will develop these kinds of innovations into the next games in this Saga. Harvest Moon: One World is available for purchase from Nintendo eShop for €49.99.


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