Review: Gravity Duck

Gravity Duck is a brand new indie title that you can add to your indie library for just €4.99. The low price guarantees a short playthrough, but one that does not go without fast acting and a little brain-muscle training.

In Gravity Duck, take on the role of a pixelated duck that actually says very little "quack" to a duck. A little too little and we're worried. Fortunately, the duck has special powers, namely the power to manipulate gravity. This is the element that you will play with in the four theme worlds in this game. With the push of a button you change gravity, but only for you alone. You must use this to make your way to the golden egg that is hidden on each level.
Along the way you will see various obstacles such as nails covering platforms, walls, floors and ceilings. Later you come across several animals that don't want the best for Mr. Duck. The butterfly spits a ball at it. As soon as this ball touches you you have to play the level again. The caterpillar crawls back and forth, you may not touch it. The bat flies after you. The trick is to block the bat by getting something between the duck and the bat. The bat flies in a straight path behind you and does not understand that a wall is blocking the way. Bats are blind, so it is authentic.
A little later you will have to deal with zombies, fire traps and so on. You understand the principle. Each level gets a little more difficult. Depending on what your goal is, you don't have to complete the entire game. It is again a typical game, for the hunters.


If unlocking trophies is your favorite sound, this is the game for you. It's not very difficult, you have reached the Platinum trophy within an hour and the best of all is that you also get the game on the Playstation Vita if you buy it on PS4. The other way around, of course, also works. The game has a double trophy list. This means you can play the game on both PS4 and Vita to earn twice as many trophies. The game is also available for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. You just can't get achievements or trophies on Nintendo Switch. If you don't care about the trophies, you can even play the game for free on various websites via PC.


If you're looking for your next 'EZ Plat', Gravity Duck is a game right up your alley. If you're really desperate for the next 2D platformer then you might like this title too, maybe. The game is so short that I can hardly recommend it. You fly through it in no time and it is very clear what this game is for. The collectors. It is therefore just what you are looking for. It could be the next best thing for you, or you simply don't care about the trophies or achievements in a game. On the other hand, €4.99. Who does what to you?

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