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The holiday period has been going on for a while now, many are traveling by plane or by car. But his journey can of course lead to a bit of boredom. And Nintendo is now responding well to that, via their Switch. With GoVacation you have a fun and entertaining game to play in the back seat of the car, or on the plane.

GoVacation is in true the successor to the Wii Sports and its peers. With your own Mii you can go on holiday digitally in your Switch. Together with your Mii you travel to the holiday island of Kawawii. Conveniently enough, there are four different resorts on this island. We have a beach, mountains, snow and a city resort. The nice thing about the four resorts is that the game remains current for every holiday period. For example, now it is a wonderfully warm summer, and what would suit it better than a beautiful beach resort? And in a few months we will go into winter again at Christmas, which means playing in the snow in a beautiful snow resort. Because just like most games from Nintendo and Bandai Namco, the game looks fantastic again.



Four different resorts is just a taste of how diverse GoVacation really is. The game contains over 50 mini games. However, a small downside to this is that the quality of the mini games sometimes leaves something to be desired. Some mini games are very easy to play and the controls are very simplified. Each racing variant mini game is easy to beat from the computer. In beach volleyball all you have to do is hit the ball back and time it with a smash. Perhaps they should have put less mini games in it and done a bit more on the quality of the mini games. But the downside of this is of course that the game is very accessible for young children. And besides, it doesn't affect the fun you have when you play GoVacation together with family or friends.

Each resort has its own set of mini-games that fit in well with the environment of the resort. Surfing and diving on the beach resort, horseback riding and kayaking in the mountains, skating and air hockey in the city and snowboarding or snowball fight in the snow resort. The resorts are also quite large and you can roam free in every area. To make exploring the areas easier, each resort also has its own set of means of transport. Jet ski, horse, snowboard and rollerblades are some of these modes of transport. Apart from the fact that it is fun to explore the area, you can also find or do a number of things, such as search for treasure chests or take a picture.
Another point of diversity is for the Sims players among us. In GoVacation you also get your own villa. You can fully customize this inside with furniture that you can play freely. You can also adjust the outside of your villa with various layouts. Even during the design of your villa, we still run into the controls of the game. It feels and goes slow, putting down and placing is very simplistic. But that is also good for the young players.

Vacation time and time again

GoVacation is a real game that you can play again and again. When you complete a mini game you get extra challenges for the same mini game. This is a valuable addition for the more demanding gamer among us. The challenges are there to make the mini game more challenging and difficult. With this Nintendo tries to keep the game interesting for the demanding gamer. And just like its predecessors, the game is great for parties with friends and family. You can play the game up to four players. And it's not only the mini games that you can play with four people, but you can also freely roam over the island separately from each other.


The diversity that GoVacation offers in the game is both a plus and a minus point, but a bit more plus than minus. All the mini games are all entertaining and well placed in their theme. It is a pity, however, that the gameplay of the mini games is simplified for the average gamer. But on the other hand, it is playable for practically any age. Free roaming is very entertaining with the different modes of transport. A very good and entertaining game for all ages. Great for entertaining your passengers when you make a long journey to your vacation destination. But also certainly entertaining at home with friends or family. So go on holiday with GoVacation on your Nintendo Switch

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