Review: Ghost Giant

Ghost Giant is perhaps one of the most creative ways to shape depression in a VR video game. The excellent way of character design, storytelling and pace, makes for a short, but powerful experience that will stay with you for a long time.

Zoink Games' Ghost Giant tells the story of a feline creature named Louis in a craft world. The cute looking animals and crafts around you are just a facade. Louis is still very young, but carries a lot of responsibilities. So many responsibilities that he has to pretend to be an adult in given situations. At all costs, Louis tries to keep up appearances. Even though he thinks he can handle it all, he also becomes the victim of the subject in this game.
Fortunately, Louis is not alone. Suddenly help appears from a ghostly figure. You, the player, as Ghost Giant. This is the name Louis gives you as soon as he discovers you and finds out that your intentions are not evil. You follow Louis through some very attractive places to solve puzzles that help Louis complete his goal. An enormous task, which he could never have done himself.

Puzzle in VR

As mentioned, Louis takes you to different places in his environment such as the farm where he lives, but also different places in the city. In each place you will have to solve certain puzzles to help Louis. While puzzling, there are several secrets and collectibles to pick up that will eventually earn you some trophies. Although the game is not long and the puzzles are not always difficult, the game becomes a bit more challenging towards the end. The puzzles aren't as obvious as they were in the beginning, but there's one thing that makes the game more difficult than it needs to be.

Am I in the picture?

For some reason I had to adjust my VR setup several times while playing. In one case to pick up things from the ground and in other cases to throw a basketball. This while I have clearly been in the picture according to the Playstation set-up. Now it is true that the move controllers often get a life of their own, but during Ghost Giant it was very frustrating to work around them.
Especially since the game is so inviting to explore. Each level is filled with colorful houses and establishments to view. You always play the game from one central center point with three viewing directions. As a result, you are very limited with your field of view and the slightest maneuvers already ensure that your PSVR no longer knows which is left or right.

Emotional speed train

In total Ghost Giant will keep you busy for about 5 hours. The story is quite short, but in this short time you get to experience everything of the daily struggle that Louis has to deal with. Even for his close animal friends, Louis manages to disguise the situation. Strange excuses in the beginning of the game will be explained once you finish the last chapters. The game starts off very colorful and cheerful. Everything seems like cake and egg. Your average VR cute puzzle environment to get a taste of VR. However, nothing is what it seems. While the gameplay doesn't change from your initial assumption, it doesn't change the message Ghost Giant conveys to the player.
Soon you will notice what is really going on. Louis also knows very well what is going on, but it will all work out. It always works out, Louis says. This time, however, things went a little differently. It didn't work out and Louis wants to do everything he can to solve the problem. He pulls out all the stops and is sure that he has found the solution. Despite Louis' highly motivated attitude, you don't have everything in your own hands and sometimes you have to realize that this is the case.


Ghost Giant took a while to get the whole situation across clearly, but once the message was received I was speechless. Even a little emotional. The genius design of the game and its way of telling a story is a perfect metaphor for the message the game gives to its players. The short playing time and very impactful message makes this game from developer Zoink, a must-play for every PSVR owner.

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