Review: Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play RPG with the gacha system. There are some red flags in there, but nothing is as it seems, because this game is too good to be true in many ways. Read it in our review!

" Free to play? That MUST be either a cash grab or have a competitive multiplayer side full of microtransactions, right?! " Well no. Genshin Impact is a game that should have been full price in my opinion, provided they tweak some minor aspects here and there. It's a game that can come between the big boys and many around me have already fallen for the Genshin charms. Why? We have to explain that.

Breath of the Waifus

Genshin Impact has been compared to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from day one . And yes, there are elements that this game also has. However, Genshin is a very different kind of game at the end of the day. It does indeed have a massive open world where you have to find portals and shellshaded graphics. Yet Genshin is in a different league, namely the anime RPG genre. The shellshaded graphics have some similarities with BotW, but are a gem in their own right. This is a really nice game on Mobile as well as PC and PS4.

The game is colorful, full of cool areas, each with their own theme and has dungeons where you can take on challenges, all of which also look fantastic. Those dungeons are perhaps the greater similarity to Zelda. There is also always something to do in the world, such as killing camps, completing challenges, finding chests, defeating strong enemies, clearing dungeons and so on. You will never get bored in this open world. The fact that you can glide from high mountains and also climb everywhere with exploration just that little bit better!

Still, I can't see the game as a direct copy. It has so many elements that are totally different. What could be a comparison is how much effort, time and love has gone into this game. The game has completely changed after a lot of alpha and beta testing and already has a lot of patches ready with new playable characters and worlds to discover. The game is full of voice acting, which you can choose in four languages. I mean, I don't know of any other free game that looks this beautiful and is full of voice acting, do you?


Genshin Impact plays differently than you might be used to from RPGs. This is also one of the coolest features in the game. You have to put together a team. You can make parties of up to 4 people. However, you do not play these at the same time. In fact, you have to switch between them in combat. This makes for a very dynamic playing style. Besides that there are really many characters to get or unlock, so the possibilities are endless. Beyond that, more and more playable characters are on their way to the game . Here you also notice very little of the gacha system. The developers will not stop you from progressing through the game and that is immensely nice.

Each character has his or her own element and you can combine them to get Elemental Combos. You can also apply those elements in the world, so you can set grass on fire or explode shields of your enemies. Also, many enemies are weak against certain elements. This also provides variety in your party or mid-fight. The characters all have their own voice, play style and look. You find out pretty quickly who you prefer, and then it's leveling and gearing.

Those characters can be unlocked by just playing the game and some are faster through Wishes. This system works like a kind of loot boxes. However, you can also get each character in other ways and Wishes are not directly hidden behind a transaction. The game never pushes your own purse through the console, in fact, they tell you everywhere that you are gambling if you start this. Are you throwing money at the game? Then the items you probably want aren't even expensive. It just depends on the kind of person you are I guess. I myself put 15 euros into the game, because I want to support the developers, and because I want more Waifus of course.


This is also the case with weapons and Artifacts. Every weapon you get has its own stats and a number of stars. Each weapon also has its own bonus such as defense and attack, or elemental power. Each weapon also has its own style, from which you can usually recognize the stats. You can level weapons up to level 20, and then if your Adventure Rank is high enough, upgrade them to level up again. The same goes for Artifacts, which serve as your main stats. The big difference is that Artifacts have set combinations that give extra bonuses! Each character is also level up, as is your Adventure Rank, which serves as your personal rank. This rank determines what you will do in terms of story and new features. The Adventure Rank also partly determined how high each character can be at that moment and when you can play online with friends.The quests and storyline in Genshin also feel like they're drifting apart, you never do the same in the game.


You have to play Genshin Impact to believe how good a free-to-play game can be. I'm convinced that if this wasn't a free game, it could have been even better. The game is intensely beautiful, large, open and full of love, time and attention. The performance on console is unfortunately a bit less, but even that I can overlook if you weigh it against a lot of other features and pluses. I think everyone should give this game a try, it's free after all! Are you already playing the game?


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