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Everyone is familiar with the success of Gears Of War 1 through 3. Gears 4 unfortunately brought a lot of mixed reactions, how does this new title, Gears 5, fare? Read all about it in our review!

Gears 5 is a game with many features, modes and progression. Now of course the question is whether this game will come out better than the fourth? Small Spoiler: Yes! Gears 5 has a great campaign and there is a lot to do in this game. Not everything is perfect or good at all, of course, but we'll talk about that in a moment! Gears is of course one of the most famous Xbox Exclusive games and was previously also known as one of the best Xbox franchises. Can Gears 5 make a full recovery after the mixed reactions of its predecessor?


The first 14 hours I spent in Gears 5 obviously went into the storyline. The story of Gears of War is fantastic in every part. Even though Gears 4 had a strong story despite everything, Gears 5 is no exception! The campaign is much more open than before and there are more RPG elements in it than ever before. What's also fantastic is that now that you know that Kait has a Locust background, playing her character has more weight. The alternation between different types of areas is fantastically done in this part. The areas feel less linear. You can explore open areas by means of a 'Skiff'. Whoever made this design certainly had a good time! The intermediate areas are fun to blast through with your Skiff, but don't immediately give you the feeling of exploration. This is because
The Gears 5 campaign gave me those old vibes again. With characters like Marcus that is of course a bit nostalgic, but JD, Del and Kait also felt a little more deeply tied into the story this time than in the previous game. JD has a slightly smaller role this time, even Marcus is slightly more in the picture. There is also slightly less testosterone level, since Kait shows just a little more emotion in this game than you have ever experienced in a Gears game! Gears 5 has a big raw factor and you notice especially in the beginning of the story how beat-up characters are with what they all had to go through in finding a world full of peace and especially without Locust. The combat of Gears 5 is also great fun, actually not much changes,but what has changed is nice and subtle and this makes everything a lot more fun to blow through. Something that was seen in many videos and what I immediately noticed is that the combat is a little less in-your-face and feels a little less punchy.
Jack is a much loved addition to the game. Jack is a kind of robot drone that can deliver strong attacks to your character. This friendly robot allows you to make attacks that were previously impossible. The same goes for utility and Jack can make you invisible for a short period of time. You can upgrade this skill so that you can eventually remain invisible for longer and keep shooting yourself. Jack can even make enemies sort of get hacked and have to fight for you. So you see that a unique addition can also turn out well and Jack is more than welcome in Gears 5! Oh, yes, he can also pick up stuff for you that you can't reach yourself. Can't I get one in real life that takes my beer out of the fridge?

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Gears 5 can be played on the Xbox One (X) and on your Windows computer. The game looks really great on both and makes full use of the graphics power of the Xbox One X. On PC the game runs great for me in any case. The game never went below 100 frames per second, and that with a GTX 1070. What I did notice is that the game drained almost all of my CPU's power, leaving Discord stuck and no one in the call understood anything. from what I said. Other than that, the game ran smoothly and looked fan-tas-tic!
In terms of sound design, the game has slightly less impact this time than the first three parts. The voice acting, on the other hand, is once again top notch and well executed. What was striking and also quite disturbing, is that the sound was sometimes simply not heard, while there were subtitles. This only happened a few times and it was mostly when saving the game.


Although the campaign was the whole reason for me to pick up the game, I quite enjoyed the other modes that the game includes. One of these being the multiplayer. The multiplayer in Gears titles has always been unique from your standard shooters. Yes, maybe a little unbalanced, but still a cool experience.
You have competitive multiplayer, which offers a fairly monotonous but fun experience. This time it is even true that Jack plays some kind of role in the multiplayer experience. It can also get nice and chaotic at times and it's still cool when you blast an enemy apart with your shotgun or just knock his head off with a finishing move. The versus experience is and remains a cool experience. The maps are also nice and vertical and have multiple height levels. All seven current maps are wonderfully put together and also vary in size. The maps are dynamic and can create an ice storm that opens new paths and closes old ones. I've had quite a few hours of fun in these modes!
Horde has gotten more strategic elements, especially with the added class cards. With these cards you can make your character your own. You can also hand out roles to each other to add a new layer of strategy. Find out for yourself what works for your team and try it out. So a great experience!


Gears 5 is a fantastic game and continues to stand out from the competition as a franchise. The nostalgia is present, the gameplay plays well, there is more than enough content and the game also looks breathtakingly good. On some minor bugs and the slightly less depth in terms of progression, the game is highly recommended. I personally would get an Xbox just to play Gears 5 and Forza Horizon 4. In my opinion, this is a must if you are a fan of the series, your Xbox or a nice and unique shooter!

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