Review: Forged of Blood

Forged of Blood is a new RTS title released today. In this new RTS title you take on the role of Prince Tavias Caenican and Prince Leivan Caenican. This game is broadly comparable to the Total War franchise. However, the emphasis is more on the story surrounding the two princes than on the fights and the land-cock part.

The story takes us to the siege of the city where your two princes live. In a last-ditch effort, the father and king of the princes try to hold out as long as possible. With this he buys time for his sons to escape and flee to a safe area. The king manages to give enough time for the sons to escape. However, this costs his life. During this battle, which is also the tutorial, Forged of Blood begins. After the tutorial you take control of the two princes.
On the run you lead the two princes past various dangers to the old castle Genevan. Here the two princes want revenge and begin to form their army to take back their lost land. Prince Leivan Caenican is crowned King while the other prince takes charge of the army. From this point on you will mainly play with Prince Tavias Caenican. Can you take back the land from the invaders?


Forged of Blood can be divided into three parts: Combat, Map movement and characterization of your army units. Unique to this game is the characterization of your army. Besides the fact that you have to make sure your character survives, you can completely determine what kind of unit your character or soldier becomes. The game gives you complete free rein to determine what each one will be. You can choose from ten different weapons with which your character can equip and develop. In addition, you can also choose a secondary weapon with which you can adjust on the fly during combat.
The battles in Forged of Blood are turn-based. Each character gets their turn to move or to attack. In addition to tactically moving your characters, you can use various cover options. This is useful, for example, when trying to approach archers. You can also use the height of walls and buildings. This gives the advantage that your archers can shoot further. Outside the battles you can move your armies around the world map. On the world map, move to the markers to continue the story or to conquer territories. This all happens in real time. While moving, you may also encounter random events.


Forged of Blood is an entertaining RTS title with some RPG elements. Characterizing your characters provides enough depth to keep you busy and thinking about balancing your units. The story is engaging and entertaining enough to play the game. However, the game is very repetitive. The battles, the mission markers, it's mostly the same. This makes the game feel very monotonous and boring. I would have preferred a little more variety in the battles or the missions. As the game is now, it's fun to play it for an hour every day before you get tired of it. The game is recommended for every level RTS gamer. If you like monotonous gameplay then it is definitely recommended. The game is available on Steam .

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