Review: For Honor: Marching Fire

For Honor certainly wasn't a bad game, but the game didn't come without its serious issues either. Can the new Marching Fire DLC take the game to a new level? Read it in our review!

For Honor is a game with an original plan. What do people always miss in MMORPG titles? Right, a dueling system. For Honor: Marching Fire is literally this, a duel game. The game had a high budget and was included on Ubisoft's AAA list. The game always scored around 7/7.5. But, just like Rainbow Six Siege had in the beginning, For Honor was a strong and original title with too many problems to overlook. Marching Fire removes more problems than it creates. If Siege can turn into one of the greatest competitive shooters, can this medieval game too? In any case, the future looks bright.


Enough added

In the long road to Marching Fire, a lot of information was released to build up a certain hype. Despite the fact that many people had no hope for the game, many could not resist following this rise of upcoming content with one eye. The expansion brings six new characters, eight new maps and a lot of other content. Yes, content is something Marching Fire is not in short supply! There are also a lot of quality-of-life changes that give the game more balance, better controls and a nicer atmosphere. All this has resulted in the game reaching 15 million more players.
For Honor does a bit the same as Rainbow Six Siege. There is a season pass available for the game, but it is optional. Did you buy this pass? Then you will receive all new playable characters immediately after the update is pre-loaded. Don't have the pass? That's no problem, as a 'free' player you can always enjoy the new maps as they are made available to  everyone who owns the game. The new characters are also accessible to you, provided you have a lot of in-game currency grinding. So you don't have to open your wallet unless you are lazy or don't have time to play a lot and still want to enjoy the new heroes. Marching Fire does this too.
You can buy the game for thirty Euros. Doing so will give you instant access to the four new Wu Lin soldiers, along with the new Arcade PvE mode. Players who do not purchase the expansion must unlock the Wu Lin heroes using Steel, the in-game currency. But what exactly is Arcade Mode?

Arcade, without pinball machine

For Honor always focuses on finding new ways for players to play together or duel, these arcade modes do the same, of course. Fans have been hungry for more  Player vs. Environment  gameplay, this is something Marching Fire partly brings. Arcade Mode is a ladder-style mode, more often seen in fighting games. You can play this alone, but also with your best friend online. You are faced with a lot of scenarios in the form of battles that get more challenging with the step. Also, each round has a 'disease' in store for your character, one that is randomly generated. One round you'll be blind and the next you'll lose health over time, there's always something new!
The higher you climb this ladder, the more rewards will flow your way, of course. The computer-controlled enemies you face feel a lot  smarter  than the automated AI you fight in the storyline. The new heroes you can fight with are based on a cool mythology.

Wu Lin, Who?

Marching Fire's new heroes are based on Chinese mythology. This includes clans such as the Tiandi, Shoalin, Jiang Jun and Nuxia, each with their own playstyle and weapon set. Because each has its own playstyle, this also brings new learning moments for players, which also provides more content and replayability of older missions and battles. This brings many new possibilities to the game. The Wu Lin are quite easy to learn, it's a shame there isn't a really difficult character, this would have made for a bigger challenge.
All heroes, on the other hand, play nicely smoothly and this Asian martial art is a welcome sight for people who like fast and fluid playstyles. The weapon designs are a big highlight and a detail not to be missed. Although For Honor always gives their own twist to heroes, they do retain respect for the culture and theme.

Siege, or Breach?

Breach is another new mode and it is a highly anticipated one, also it is the most fun of the new modes. Breach brings a bit of the MOBA feeling, taking control of certain points on the map to ensure that your team has an advantage. This mode is also completely free and open to everyone. In this siege, a team of four attackers must protect a battering ram as it is sent by AI to the enemy's gate. The defenders must defend two gates and their king. There are multiple attack routes outside the main gate, there are four of you, calculate your advantage and take advantage of that, that's the idea! The game normally consists mainly of  one against one duels, this mode is all about teamwork and communication, something that makes For Honor a stronger title than before. A game can take up to half an hour and can be quite exciting.


For Honor: Marching Fire is a rock-solid update that lifts a game from a 7 to a higher score. The update is certainly not perfect, but with Ubisoft's payment model and a development team with a passion for the game, the future looks bright! As mentioned at the outset, the expansion brings more good than evil. Although the game is still far from perfect, this could be the second Rainbow Six Siege, in which a mediocre game is lifted to a worthy AAA title. Marching Fire will in any case make many ex-players players again and attract a lot of new players.

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