Review: Football Manager 2020

Everyone who watches football sometimes thinks: If I was a coach, I would have done it this way or that. Well you get that chance with Football Manager 2020. It doesn't pay as well as in real life, but it can still be nice to be in control for once. I myself once started with football manager games in the PlayStation 1 era. Premier Manager 2000 I played all gray. I even kept a record of everything players cost and how good they were on paper. 20 years later it was time to dive back into the world of football manager.

And a lot has changed in all those years. Football Manager 2020 is a very comprehensive management game. Players of the series will agree that you will never be bored in this game. There are quite a few menus, each with their own sub menu where you can manage your team. There are so many menus that it can even feel overwhelming if this is your first time playing a football manager game. Well we've played with the management part of FIFA a bit, but this is different. Of course you can immediately say that Football Manager was developed to manage and FIFA was not, but FIFA manager did not disappoint. Nevertheless, you notice that the Football Manager has worked out everything much better.

If we just look at the main menus, everything is covered. Your team, mutual dynamics, tactics, reporting, staff, training and your medical center are represented. Below you will find your agenda, league, transfer list, scouts, general club image, board of directors and your finances. And all these headings still have a dozen menus to walk through. Fortunately, you can choose to leave a lot to your assistants. This is definitely recommended if you're diving into the game for the first time. As you play the game and learn more, the further you can take matters into your own hands. Football Manager 2020 is certainly newbie friendly in that regard.

Graphically not great

Graphically, Football Manager 2020 is not one of the most beautiful games to watch. The menus look simplistic, not every player has a photo, your avatar can only be customized in a few ways. If you attend a game of your team or that of another, then you don't have to expect much spectacle. The match graphics are particularly bad compared to FIFA. The players move rather clumsily and the actions that happen on the field seem more like 2 toddlers playing an old FIFA game. For a game that has been around for a while, I expected a little more from the quality of the game.

But on the other hand, Football Manager 2020 is a game that mainly revolves around you as a manager. So we want to condone the bad graphics. Still a missed opportunity because something looks better than it is now. Anyway, you spend 95 percent of the time in the game's many menus. And that's a good thing actually. Because you get an incredible amount of emails in your inbox. A week feels like an eternity when you go through all the emails. Sometimes there were days when I wished you could just drag everything to the spam folder at once.

What is nice about Football Manager 2020 are the press conferences and the personal interviews. Here you can build a working relationship with your fellow trainers and members of the press. But here you can also develop animosity and rivalry. You can answer in various ways and also with what feeling you give the answer. This in turn affects your players, trainers and press members. Van Bommel put the pressure on me for the Johan Cruijf Scale. But after a simple 6-0 victory I couldn't resist giving another kick to van Bommel. This naturally resulted in a negative comeback from van Bommel and a rivalry was born.

Verdict Football Manager 2020

Football Manager 2020 is an entertaining management game. The entire management aspect is well and broadly deepened. The dynamics that you can have with your team alone ensures sufficient playing fun. The dynamic you can have with your fellow trainers and press members makes it even more fun to be the manager of your club. Create your own story as a manager, develop your own rivalries. Does the press love you? Or do you have someone who is just like Hans Kraay Jr? Or worse Wilfred Genee. It's all possible in this great management game. However, the game could have been a bit better in terms of graphics. The matches look clumsy and wooden. Pictures of players are missing, and you can only shape your own avatar in a limited number of ways. In addition, you do not see your avatar much in the game itself.With a little bit more effort, the game could have looked fantastic. Nevertheless, we had a great time.

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