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One of the most iconic Final Fantasy is back. Cloud, Sephiroth, Tifa and Aerith are back in a stunning remake of Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy VII Remake is a highly anticipated remake that has been delayed many times but has finally seen the light of day. However, this remake is only part of the full game. In the first part of the remake we (re)acquainted with Cloud and his adventures in Midgar. Unfortunately, we have to wait again for the rest of the story, something that has gone down the wrong way with many fans.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud

Twenty-three years ago, the world was first introduced to Cloud and his nemesis Sephiroth. Final Fantasy VII came out for the first Playstation and was a huge success. The game became so loved that it may even be the best Final Fantasy ever made. In the years that followed, a movie and another spin-off game came out for the Playstation Vita. Eighteen years later came the first announcement for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The game world and the fans exploded at this news. It soon became clear that it was going to be a full remake. The game would be built again from the ground up. Five years later, the remake is here. Well, part of that. Square Enix thought that the game had become so big that it should be released in parts. And when we play, we understand part of why.But whether this benefited the remake remains to be seen.

Cloud is back baby!

The "boomers" of the current game generation can dream the story of Cloud and Sephiroth. But the game is over 2 decades old and there are entire generations who have never heard of Cloud or only heard the stories of the older brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers you name it. But let's run through the story with you just to be sure. Final Fantasy VII Remake tells the story of Cloud Strife an ex-Soldier of Shinra Corporation. Shinra Corporation is a mega corporation in Midgar that runs the city. Shinra is busy powering the city by supplying power plants with Mako. Mako is the spiritual energy of the planet they live on. Cloud starts working as a mercenary at the eco-terrorist organization Avalanche.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud and Tifa

At Avalanche, Cloud is reunited with his childhood girlfriend, Tifa Lockhart. During Avalanche's missions to make life difficult for Shinra Corporation, Cloud meets the flower girl Aerith Gainsborough. Cloud, Aerith and Tifa find themselves embroiled in a battle with Shinra Corporation and Sephiroth to save their planet. You will all discover in the story what Shinra Corporation and who Sephiroth is, when you play Final Fantasy VII Remake yourself. Especially for the new players we don't want to spoil too much of the story.

Gameplay of Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake doesn't just get a new graphical look. The gameplay has also received some changes compared to the original. The game has now become a real time fighter game. The gameplay now resembles the gameplay of the current generation of Final Fantasy's. Live action fighting with the slow motion moments when you want to use magic or items. The game can be played in three ways. You can play the game casually to enjoy the story more and to keep the battles simple. But you can also choose to play the game on 'normal'. This mode provides more challenge in the battles. You can also play in classic mode. Your characters will attack and defend themselves. You as a player can then strategically choose spells and items that your party can use.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud and Aerith

In the first two modes, we note that the camera movement still leaves something to be desired. Due to the live action fighting and the speed of your characters, there are moments when you completely lose yourself or the enemy. The locking system should offer a solution, but it does not work flawlessly. There are times when you lose battles purely because of a bad camera movement or the failure of the locking system. For the casual player this is not a big deal, but for those who play the game on normal this can be quite frustrating. Also when walking around Midgar there are times when the camera works against you and you go down the stairs. Or that you are going completely in the wrong direction. For a game that has been chopped to pieces and delayed several times, I don't think these kinds of small things are allowed.Fortunately, this doesn't spoil the full fun of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Side Quests and Graphics.

The graphics of Final Fantasy VII Remake are beautiful. The game looks fantastic. Whether you're walking around, in a fight or in a cut scene, the game looks well cared for down to the last detail. We haven't seen any bugs with the character or the environment itself. You can clearly see that there is a lot of care in the appearance of the game. If you used to have a crush on Tifa, that crush will revive now that Tifa has been given a beautiful remake. Of course, all characters are provided with their recognizable appearance as we know it from the past. Like other remakes or ongoing game series, the pointy pixels have been replaced by smooth curves and clean lines. We can say for sure that the ladies and Cloud look stunning in the game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

In Final Fantasy VII Remake more space has been given to side quests. This is one of the reasons why the creators have split the game into more parts. During the story, you can do side quests in various sectors of the city to improve your reputation. This not only provides XP and new gear, but you also learn some more lore of the environment. However, I think the side quests add little to the game. It feels more like wasting time and slowing you down to go through the original story. I would rather just see a complete story instead of wasting my time looking for cats and people to solve their rat problem. It seems that the side quests were thrown in because they wanted to release the game but are actually far from done with the full story.Personally, I would have preferred to have waited a little longer and played the remake on the new PlayStation rather than solving minor niggles from locals.

Final Fantasy VII Remake


Final Fantasy VII Remake is a great start to the remake of an iconic classic. It's easy to see that the game has been completely remade. The graphics of the game are gorgeous. We can be happy with how all the characters are made. The world, at least Midgar, looks beautiful too. The live action fighting gameplay generally works fine. It is a pity that unfortunately there are camera problems and that the locking system does not always work properly. The freedom to also opt for the classic mode is a great solution for those who prefer to focus on the strategy of a battle. The story was fantastic twenty-three years ago and it still is to this day. It's still a shame that the game will be released in parts.The side quests feel unnecessary and don't have much impact on the story. I would rather not have seen side quests and would have preferred a complete story. Nevertheless, the remake is a fantastic game to return to the world of Cloud. But also for the new generation this is a great game to get acquainted with Cloud, Tifa, Aerith and Sephiroth for the first time.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

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