Review: FIFA 19 – PC Edition

FIFA 19 is just out and of course almost everyone is playing this game. Still, there are always speculations as to whether the new change is actually worth the money. With all these changes in the game, we checked FIFA 19.

FIFA on the move

As soon as we start FIFA 19, the first thing we see is the Kick-Off mode. This one has been given a makeover just like the rest of the game. All your data that you create in Kick-Off can be viewed everywhere. This year Electronic Arts has made it so that all your data is linked to your account. Getting the blood under your enemy's nails has never been so much fun now that you can actually prove that you're better by going by the numbers.
House Rules is a fun method to play Kick-Off. Totally new in FIFA 19. With this mode it is possible to choose your own rules. For example, you can set that there are no rules, which promises a great kicking game. House Rules is therefore intended for those who want to play FIFA without the seriousness that comes with it.
Furthermore, little has changed in the career mode of the game, this may change a lot with FIFA 20, but nothing is certain.

Anyone can win in the Champions League

Electronic Arts' new addition to FIFA is of course the Champions League. This mode attracts a lot of attention and time for the real football fanatics. However, there are still points that could have been better. For example, an official team in FIFA is missing, so you can't imitate this year's entire competition. Of course you can replace this team with another team but it doesn't give the real feeling. It is also the case that the player has to manually fill all pools, which is quite frustrating. The advantage of this is that you have control over your own competition, but this can also be a disadvantage if you want to set up a competition "quickly". This way every team can participate in the Champions League and you decide who you play against. A Roda JC or FC Groningen who wins the cup, everything is possible!

The Journey continues

The Journey continues in FIFA 19. The story of Alex Hunter continues, but this time you will also follow Kim Hunter and Danny Williams, both relatives of Alex Hunter. Everyone has their own story but all have the same goal in mind, to become a hero.
For Hunter, of course, his ultimate goal is to become champions with the big boys. Although the story is compelling, it has limited depth in design. Electronic Arts has imposed a high production value on this mode and that makes the gameplay experience good. For example, great attention has been paid to the details: for example, you play a match where you play as Alex Hunter's grandfather, Jim Hunter. During this match you take a step back in time, this can be clearly seen from the field, commentary and the scoreboard.

FIFA with a different feel

As soon as you step onto the field you don't notice that anything has changed, but the feeling you get is different. This is due to the additions and tweaks that have been made to make the game even better. It's mainly about the shooting and the passes you can make. EA changed the game in such a way that you have to play FIFA 19 tactically. By this we mean no more blind passes and better controlled deep balls. This creates more space in a different way, you will also have to change your playing style while playing.
Shooting has also completely changed, because there is a new method: Timed Finishing. This is a new way to separate the pros from the noobs. The Timed Finishing should make each shot more accurate and harder, if you hit it right. Essentially, the shot button has to be pressed twice, the first time a timer comes on. You have to hit the timer at just the right time to get the boost. If you miss the second part, your shot will go miles wide. The system works very well and touches on a very important aspect of the game. For the players who want to play FIFA as usual, there is of course an option to turn off the Timed Finishing. For example, FIFA 19 will behave like previous parts, which is not bad at all.
However, there is a drawback in the shooting aspect. Of course there is realism in the game, but this disappears if your player makes a successful bicycle kick time and time again. This relates to shooting but also while defending or passing a ball. Because of this one can quickly get the tendency to give high balls, which can cause irritation or jars that look alike.
A real game changer is Dynamic Tactics. This is a system that allows you to set 5 different tactics before the match that you can paste under hotkeys. This way you can easily trigger them during a match. This will make every offensive or defensive action the same, making FIFA 19 a lot more dynamic and more fun to play.

The Ultimate Team

This game mode has become the most important in the FIFA series in recent years. Last year was not very positively received but we can not deny that it is always fun to play. Ultimate Team is for the real competitive player. Online Seasons has been given a change, however, as it will now be known as FUT Rivals. How it works has also changed, so in the new game mode you play divisions during the week where you can work your way up. However, this is done to prevent casual players from falling behind on their team.


FIFA 19 is a good game with a lot of potential. Since the gameplay and feel have completely changed from FIFA 18, this game brings fun back to the series. The game modes that have been added are simply fun to do and can potentially attract a larger audience as the seriousness with these modes is thrown out the window. The addition of Champions League is certainly a plus, but some things can still be improved, such as automating the filling of pools. The game feels good despite the fact that there are still some bugs or unfinished aspects swirling around.

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