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After Joseph Seed, it's now up to Anton Castillo to hunt you down while you try to start a revolution. Is Far Cry 6 an improvement on previous installments? Check it out in our review!

Far Cry 6 adds some new elements and takes some things back from older games. While many structural gameplay elements are similar to the previous installment, there is also plenty to look forward to that is new to the franchise. Let's start with the story!


In Far Cry 6 you are on the island of Yara. This was once a peaceful island, until the fire nation attacked. Well, the fire nation being a cruel dictator played by the one and only Giancarlo Esposito, known from Breaking Bad, among others. His intentions are good in a way, only the execution is where it all goes wrong for this gentleman. In fact, things go especially wrong for the islanders, who are burned alive, shot or captured. The island has turned into a brutal dictatorship with Castillo at the helm. He himself is a man who only wants loyal followers, so he will capture or kill anyone who resists even slightly.

Whether you choose a female or male character, it's up to you to lead a revolution that overthrows this dictator so that Yara can return to a peaceful Spanish-themed island. You do this by recruiting, you visit different types or families to show them that you can still fight back.

All these characters have a unique personality, which is closely related to the theme and also with enough characteristics and humor. I often have a big smile on my face when characters throw their famous statements again, or when you can quickly guess what actions a character will take under certain pressure. This also says enough about the character building, the characters you encounter are quite well developed, so that you quickly find out their motives and also know how they will react to certain events. This reminded me a bit of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, where I was also happy with the way of writing when it comes to characters.

The story itself is long, but has enough variety to keep you interested. Enough also happens during your quest for libertad, or freedom. The side missions also often have a nice effect, this also made me think of Odyssey, where I didn't want to skip a single quest. Castillo is really well played by the relevant actor and is an interesting character. Although I have to say that Joseph Seed didn't do anything more for me in terms of characteristics.

The theme of revolution is something that many people see as one kind of big gathering of people who all want the same thing. This game shows through strong storytelling that there are more nuances in starting a revolution. Why? You'll find out for yourself, let's not spoil anything! Let's just say not everyone wants the same outcome for Yara, but at least wants to get rid of Castillo. So the aftermath of such a revolution could just become a thing.

Yara is great

The map you will be playing in is divided into several provinces and areas. The map is really huge and there is plenty of content to play. The areas are often unique, but can also bear the same structure for a long time. You can move through the map with different vehicles, including horses, tanks, planes and cars. Driving in Far Cry 6 is actually quite a cool experience, given the feedback when you crash, which corresponds more to reality than the average other game. You can also navigate through the map in several ways, including a grappling hook, parachute and skydiving. Anyway, plenty of ways to find your way around these immense areas!

Each province has its own level, but luckily the level distribution is quite well balanced, you don't need 100 ranks to enter the next area. You can find several Guerilla routes throughout Yara, here you can usually navigate a bit more safely and you will need your grappling hook a little more often. You can recognize this by the blue stripes on the map and the blue flags that are tied to poles. Usually you don't come across any crazy enemies here, at most a wild boar with an aggression problem.

In terms of assets and buildings, you come across many different elements. Taking over castles is always cool, because you have multiple ways to invade and escape, often you come across these organically. The buildings vary from tobacco factories to literal castles, which also provides enough variety. You can also enter a lot of buildings, for that little bit of extra stealth and loot. In this part you feel less opportunities to blow through areas and are more stimulated to calculate your attacks, this is both a blessing and a curse.

Through the map you will find treasure hunts and other pursuits, just like in Far Cry 5. You will also find people through the areas with an exclamation mark, these usually have nice locations for you. For example, quite a few open world features from the previous part have been taken over. You also often encounter enemies in various types of vehicles, which can attack you if you are carrying a weapon. This is where for me the similarities with the fifth part were greatest. In summary, Yara is an immense map with many activities and spontaneous organic action moments. I don't have much to say about this, except that it feels like a world built by Ubisoft, which can scare or make players happy!

9MM with laser yes

This franchise is known for having cool and unique weapons. Let's kick off by confirming that the gunplay is quite satisfying. Weapons have enough recoil, so you'll have to be a bit more strategic with your bullets, also because you don't always find them quickly. The expansion of your weapons is quite extensive and you can make many different types of setups. You have three main weapons that you can carry at the same time. Then you have an off-hand pistol or semi-auto pistol, your gadgets and a large backpack. By large backpack I mean iron pipes from which rockets come. You can also find different types here.

You can therefore fully equip each weapon with different types of sights, bullets and other attachments. You can also holster your weapon, nice if you walk in villages and don't feel like being a police rascal. So where the world can come across as quite realistic, the weapons make it very Far Cry again, nicely over the top! You can also take several types of buddies with you on your journey, which will help you kill your enemies. For example, there is an alligator with a polo on, or a rooster with a higher killstreak than you.

The enemies are not bullet sponges this time and a headshot is really the end of the game for someone who doesn't wear a helmet. This ensures that if you want to tackle a mission quietly, that is actually possible. There are also plenty of different types of enemies to try tricks on with your wide arsenal of weapons.

Movement is also very well done, the parkour is getting smoother and starting to move in the direction of Dying Light in terms of moment-to-moment parkour. This is something that made walking through a very large map a lot more fun!

Armor works differently too, there are really many benefits to wearing specific types of clothing. This goes from a high tolerance for fire to not being knocked down. You can also easily exchange the skins of your weapons and gear, so you always look fashionable and you are not a clown with 12 colors on. You can also use the different types of bullets to make enemies attack each other, for example, when you poison them with a cookie of your own dough.

In the villages you can send people on missions to receive specific rewards, they will first scout and then you make choices about their next moves. This is something that I may not have done often enough, but it is a nice and accessible addition. You can also have different buildings built in villages, for a lot of extras!


A Ubisoft game doesn't come without some frustration. For example, the AI ​​is often even dumber than a donkey that has bumped its head more than 2 times. I've had to let certain missions fail because characters stopped progressing while you had to follow them. Also, graphically, even after the day one patch, there are still some issues with screen tearing while riding in cars or on horses. Fortunately, many of the bugs I experienced in my pre-release playtime have been removed from the game, so let's leave those for what it is.

Another mild frustration is the difficulty. When the game is on easy you are really a bullet sponge that can have multiple missiles in the face, but once the game is on normal it is like the classic Far Cry experience, where 5 bullets make you bleed to death on the ground. It would have been nice if there was something in between.

The camera is also something that could bother me somehow. In villages you switch to a third-person perspective, while this is not an option anywhere else. My only question here is: Why? There are also some inconsistencies in terms of user experience in design. For example, the navigation on your mini map is almost the same kind of dark color as the rest of the mini map, this could have had a little more contrast.

Performance, graphics and audio

The game runs surprisingly well on my Playstation 5. After seeing the trailers I was a bit dubious about the graphics, but this seems to be one of the first Ubisoft games that after launch looks more like an upgrade than a downgrade. What was striking is that the faces were not always consistent, but that can be explained, given that the game was made in a time where physically tracing faces and emotions is a bit more nuanced than planning a date. However, the world looks very good, so I have very little to say about Yara's size. The game also runs smoothly and I never really noticed any frame dips or inconsistencies while playing. This also applies to the resolution.

Audio design in Far Cry 6 likes to be 'off' from time to time, but in general I was surprised at almost all surround sounds and how they were handled. When you talk to someone on a boat and you point your ear to that person, you really hear the voice in a completely different way. This was something I really liked to see again. The game has enough accessibility for people with disabilities, this is something that many games are increasingly responding to these days and Far Cry 6 is no exception! The music is also really top notch, especially the radio. Dani, your character, will also whistle or sing along more often.


Far Cry 6 is a very extensive game that offers many features and elements depth and also grips in a strong way. There are so many well-developed features that I probably forgot to name a few. The game plays smoothly, fluidly and is somehow very focused on the elements that matter. There are some minor frustrations, but this is more of an overarching Ubisoft issue. It's much more of a setup towards a more complete game than the previous part. I can fully recommend the game to anyone with even mild interest. There is plenty to see and do and it is very easy to get your money's worth. Far Cry 6 is a title worthy of the improvements Ubisoft is making in several titles, are you part of this revolution?

Oh you can pet everything in this game

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