Review: F1 2021: Racing with a story in the way

The current Formula 1 season is going well for Max Verstappen. Max is at the top of the rankings and seems to be on his way to win the world championship. Thirteen races to go and the dream of every Dutch racing fan will come true: Max Verstappen is the first Dutchman to become world champion in Formula 1. And then we turn off the Playstation and watch the real racing on TV, or not? Where we were able to race as Max Verstappen on consoles and PC and became champions in recent years, it may become reality this year. However the season goes, we can at least become digital champions in F1 2021.

Just like every sports game released by EA, a new version is released every year. Every year we see a new version with some minor changes and improvements to the sport experience. F1 2021 feels a lot better and more realistic compared to F1 2020 . The big difference, when it comes to racing, you notice when you take your Formula 1 car to the street circuits. Racing at high speeds through the tight circuits of Monaco or Baku is truly an art. The tracks feel more and more claustrophobic as you go through the tight corners. Especially when you come out of corner 8 of Monaco, for example, drive full throttle through the tunnel and have to brake for the Nouvelle Chicane. Then you notice how incredibly clever it is to drive through it at speed.

Fortunately, at least for me as a casual racer, the claustrophobic circuits can be counted on one hand in F1 2021. On the normal circuits you have seas of space and it is a wonderful relief when you just come from Baku. The detail of each circuit has also improved a lot this year. When we start racing on our beautiful circuit in Zandvoort, you also have the idea that you are really racing in the dunes. Of course you have little time during the race to look at the environment, but if you take the time during a training session you can see that more detail has been put into it this year. And of course, all this year's cars feature the new details and adjustments made by the teams on display.

Big changes in F1 2021

When we look at the real 'big' changes in F1 2021, we immediately come to the renewed story mode called Braking Point. In the story mode you have the choice between five different F1 teams in which you will end up with the young racer Aiden Jackson. The story mode takes you through a story of a rookie who teams up with a veteran. Together they take on their rival team and now well-known rival: Butler. Compared to last year, the story mode finally has a real story running in which you are racing over three seasons. It's a fun fashion to get back into racing and that's about it. A good afternoon for sitting and you are already through the story.

Also somewhat new in F1 2021 is the addition to really play a multiplayer career with another player. Here you can play a full season with a friend. You can race together in the same team as teammates or you can choose to race as each other's rivals. My Team mode is also present with the necessary changes. Here you can create your own racer and team and make your way to the top. This time you will not replace a current team from the line-up, but you will be added to the league as the eleventh team. You choose from various sponsors and engine manufacturers to build your own car. Choose a second racer as a teammate and develop yourself and your car to the top.


All innovations and improvements are always welcome when it comes to sports games such as F1 2021. The story mode is nicely conceived and worked out. Although it should have lasted a little longer in my opinion, it is in any case a nice entry to get behind the wheel again. The customizations in My Team mode have become a bit larger, but still minimal and mainly in terms of driver. You can only choose from some pre-sets of faces instead of copying your own face. After all, this is increasingly possible in the other sports games of EA. Of course you see more of the car you are racing in than the driver, but it's those little things that we miss in the new Formula 1 game.

Nevertheless, F1 2021 is another great racing game to become champion yourself again in the most prestigious racing sport on earth. Whether you become champion yourself or become champion with Max Verstappen, both options are fun to achieve. The elaboration of the circuits has been improved again and the feeling of the space you have during the races feels more and more realistic. In short, EA and Codemasters have once again succeeded in putting down a good racing game that gives many Formula 1 fans hours of fun.

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