Review: F1 2020: Racing in the rain at Zandvoort

Last weekend the new season of Formula 1 started. Just like with football and FIFA, a new version of the popular racing game F1 is released every year. The new F1 2020 will be released on Friday with a few beautiful and fun innovations. Now that digital racing has taken off during the corona period, we will undoubtedly see higher sales figures and there will be more players who may make an attempt to get into the esports branch of Formula 1.

Just like every sports game that comes out, the new part in the series has some gameplay improvements and the teams have been updated. F1 2020 has received a number of innovations and here and there some tweaks in the gameplay. This year there would be racing again at the Zandvoort circuit in our own little country. Unfortunately, this was canceled due to the corona. The new circuit in Vietnam was also on the program but unfortunately had to be canceled on the Formula 1 calendar. But to ease the suffering for the fans, the new F1 game can be raced on these two circuits.

Innovations in F1 2020

As mentioned, two new circuits have been added to F1 2020. Circuit Zandvoort in the Netherlands and circuit Hanoi in Vietnam. Both tracks are challenging and fast to drive. Zandvoort in particular is a joy to race on. This may be the orange glasses talking, but the changes that have been made to the track that are also reflected in the game are simply amazing. The track has become fast with a few technical steering pieces. Especially the last two corners are great to go into. The bowl bend technique is well incorporated into the game. This allows you to go full throttle through the bend and you hardly have to steer. Circuit Hanoi is a treacherous piece of circuit. In the streets of Hanoi you have a number of long straights that are interspersed with sharp bends and a difficult chicane part.

In F1 2020 we will also get a new game mode. The previous editions and the new editions all had the driver career option where you could start your own career as a driver in Formula 1. This year you can also start a team career next to the driver career. In team career you not only take the wheel of your Formula 1 car, but you also take the wheel into the hands of your own team. As the eleventh team you make your debut in the world of Formula 1. Here you decide how the car looks like, the outfits, logo, helmets and much more. In addition, you negotiate with your sponsors, you speak to the press and you develop the facilities and the car in which you will be driving.

For the new entry-level Formula 1 games, the makers have added a casual mode to F1 2020. If you turn on the casual mode, a number of things are simplified. The menus are simpler, off-track surfaces are easier to drive over and the reset to track is also available. It also makes it easier to drive the Formula 1 car. However, you can only use casual mode when playing offline. Split-screen is also back in the game. That option was removed from 2015 until last year, but is now returning in 2020. This allows us to race against each other in the old-fashioned way, but at an appropriate distance of course, with friends offline on the couch.


F1 2020 is another solid racing game that fans of Formula 1 can enjoy a lot. The racing feels like old times with some tweaks here and there that you have to get used to. The new Formula 1 game is mainly characterized in the field of innovations that come with the game. For example, the new team career offers enough challenge and variety to play and follow your racing career. Compared to other sports games, it is a bit simpler, but the approach is fine. In combination with developing your car where you can make your own pre-sets, you have plenty to do as a team manager and driver. With Formula 1 taking off in popularity, adding a casual fashion is ideal for the new drivers who want to try their hand at the world of Formula 1.

The addition of the two new circuits in F1 2020 offers drivers with experience a new challenge. In my first laps at Zandvoort I myself was allowed to drive in typical Dutch weather. We made the first kilometers on the wonderful circuit of Zandvoort with buckets from heaven. Hanoi the circuit in Vietnam is a wonderful challenge between speed and tight corners. All in all, the new racing game from Codemasters is another great game for the fans of Formula 1.


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