Review: F1 2019

The new game from Codemasters is here two months earlier than usual, of course we are talking about F1 2019. The biggest car racing championship in the world with the most rivalries and many disputes.

The new game iteration of Formula 1 is of course coming back from Codemasters , F1 2019 is almost two months earlier than usual this year. Perhaps also good since the current Formula 1 season has almost already decided who will become champion and all races can be considered "boring".

An early release date does not always mean much, but F1 2019 is going to be big this year. Fans of the F1 games will be happy this year with the number of new aspects that have been added this year. We will touch on almost all new aspects in this review.

Same game again...or not?

F1 2019 differs quite a bit from its predecessors. This year's game is not just an updated version from last year but brings with it quite a few new items. For example, the career mode has been overhauled, so the player will work in a drama that starts in Formula 2. Unfortunately, the full career mode is not available from F2 but we will have to make do with some scenarios. You will have to make in-game decisions on the track that may have an impact on your championship or your relationship with your teammate.
Of course we shouldn't forget one of the most important aspects in a racing game like this one; your fellow racers on the road. The CPU players in both career and Grand Prix have also undergone tweaks. You will no longer see them driving in a straight train, but this time they also take more risk by overtaking each other in all kinds of places and ways. In other words, you could say that the CPU has become more aggressive and that's for the better.
The cars in the game have changed slightly from last year. While playing you mainly notice that the new F1 cars suffer from understeer. Of course people think to mess with the "ballast" setting in the setup of your car .. but this is no longer possible. Codemasters removed this aspect because they saw too many community setups based on this setting. The Formula 2 cars are a bit more forgiving in all aspects, this doesn't mean you can drive them in a rush because they are not the same as the F1 cars. The addition of the Formula 2 class cars has been a very good idea, this gives the player more choice of vehicles and therefore variety. Of course we also have the classic cars; this includes of course the cars of Senna, Schumacher, Prost and many others.The cars that were included in the previous games have of course (almost) nothing changed, but there are also some new classic cars. Think for example of the 2010 Ferrari and Mercedes, not to mention the cars of Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna from 1989.
The menu and user interface have also been overhauled. Everything has been modernized and changed to the current Formula 1 theme, which also means the in-game elements. In the menu we also see some new things with an emphasis on Esports. Codemasters and F1 want to attract more people to the Esports side of this franchise this year, which is also the reason for the separate tab. We also see that completely new things have been added, the first being customization.
F1 2019 allows to personalize items as the player wants. For example, the game has also included a new car for multiplayer where everyone can select and recolor their own livery of choice. Of course you can also give your driver new swag such as a new suit or set of gloves. To be able to buy new items, the player has to collect a currency through online racing, this is not so bad because after a few races you can already buy a few things. For example, think of new liveries, helmets and more detailed suits.
This year there is also a theater mode, so you can look back on all your races, both for online and offline races. If you can't get enough of the cars in the game, you can get a closer look at them in the brand new Showroom mode.
Not only have the above items changed, the sounds and graphics in the game have also improved dramatically. F1 2019 seems a lot more realistic than its predecessors, although F1 2018 has also made a big step forward. Still, things look a lot more believable this year. It also sounds a lot more realistic; this year the engines are clearly distinguishable from which manufacturer they come. The noise that surrounds you when you are on the track has also been well addressed, so the tires no longer sound like they did before and you can clearly hear whether you have grip or not.
Besides the fact that everything has become a step better, many fans are still sad that the official game of the largest industry in motorsport does not yet support Virtual Reality. Hopefully we'll see this in an update or in the next part.

Worth picking up?

Every year a new F1 game but this one is one of the better releases so far. If we look at all the new aspects that have been added to the game, this game is a must-have for the real racer. Thanks to the new cars, immersive career mode and improved AI racers, F1 2019 has progressed considerably. The game feels a lot sturdier, despite the crashes, and deeper based on content. For example, the game has many qualities that make the adrenaline level of a racer pump, so you can relive racing moments that you have made yourself alone, online or with friends. The showroom function is also a time saver if you focus on every detail of the cars.
However, there are still some errors in the game, as we know not every game runs smoothly. Until now, the game on PC has suffered from sporadic crashes. This can just happen and causes the game to completely terminate. If you are in the middle of a race, this is not particularly useful and can lead to irritation. It also seems as if the CPU racers in career or Grand Prix mode completely ignore you and almost push you off the track in a corner. Unfortunately we can't complain about the team radio but we have to swallow it or in the worst case use the "flashback" function.

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