Review: F1 2018


Codemasters brings the Formula 1 season back to life in their new game F1 2018. A game full of improvements and updates regarding graphical but also gameplay aspects. 

What makes F1 2018 so different from its predecessors?

Most people who are not interested in racing games, it seems like nothing changes every year. A few things have changed this year. The racing cars have been given a different appearance, this is due to the Halo; that ugly thing above the driver's cockpit. He may not look good, but he did his job last weekend in Spa. We saw Alonso fly spectacularly over Leclerc.

Also, the new Hypersofts have been introduced in the game. These can be recognized by their light pink color, but can also be used on certain circuits that can be counted on one hand. You notice the difference clearly when you use these tires, a lot faster with the risk that your tires wear very quickly. However, this extra choice of tires makes the game a bit more interesting, so you can choose to be faster than your opponents but have the risk that your Hypersofts fail sooner.
To give the game more realism, the game has also received a major update based on information about your car. Codemasters has been working on this aspect of the game for a long time to improve it. For example, they were able to analyze data from several Formula 1 teams, which gave them an idea of ​​how parts on a car function and degrade over time. This makes the career mode feel a lot more realistic. Also, these things will affect races that last longer than 5 rounds.
F1 2018 also introduces the ERS system that can now be managed manually. This aspect relates to the power of your car. By raising or lowering this engine setting, you can get the right power from your car that is needed for a certain scenario. If your parts are already heavily degraded, it is wise to use a lower setting. As a result, you do lose speed on straights, but you can drive longer with your parts.
Career mode is the same for every team but different at the same time. Every season starts with Australia and ends in Abu Dhabi, but it's the choices you make during the season that make all the difference. This applies to your own character but also to the parts of your car. So you can choose to be a team player or be a showman. The statements you make during an interview can be good for certain teams and bad for some. The car is also different for every team, so at Sauber you can focus on aerodynamics with different end points, while at McLaren you have to focus on engine power.

Multiplayer is back in F1 2018 too

The multiplayer is back to normal. Race against inexperienced drivers who are constantly trying to ram you off the track. Sometimes fun, sometimes irritating. Codemasters has found a solution for that. As always you can create a custom lobby to race with your friends, but this year there is also a ranked mode. In this playlist you ride against people of your own caliber. This means that you will be matched against players who drive the same as you. This can relate to your race pace but also how sporty you are on the track.
Co-op championship is also included but this is the same as F1 2017. These are just races that you drive without any story behind it. The advantage of this is that you can ride with or against your friends. You also decide whether AI riders will participate or if the lobby is just open so that everyone can participate.

What do I think of F1 2018?

Codemasters made some very good decisions with this game. In all areas, this game is simply way better than its predecessors. There is much more depth to the game that was just missing in the previous parts. Mainly we are talking about the career mode which can be different every time. Furthermore, all races have been made a lot more interesting by the new choices that can be made. Especially the new tire choice and the fact that you can adjust the power of the engine, every race no longer gets the same outcome.
Each car also has its unique sound, so you can clearly hear what kind of engine is in the back. The sound difference between the 4 engines can be clearly heard but also felt in the performance. The cars also look a lot more realistic this year, which attracts me more into the game. Not only are the cars beautiful again, but everything around them has also been given a major update. The game really sucks you in if you're a real fan and that's what makes the game so much fun. Lots of unexpected things and different results keeps the game interesting.

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