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Everybody's Golf is a franchise that has been around for a number of years and if there is one game that guarantees trying new things, it is Everybody's Golf. Although the game does not offer much new in the Playstation VR version, VR is completely new within the franchise. Let's see what Everybody's Golf VR has in store for us!

It would surprise you, but in this brand new VR version of Everybody's Golf you step into the shoes of a golfer. Your task is to put the golf balls with the different types of golf clubs and you do this on a number of varied fields. Since not everyone is a pro in this sport, you are not completely alone. A personal caddy will support you before and even while playing. She will give you useful information about the wind direction, the position of the ball, whether you should hit hard or soft and where the ball will end up once you hit it.
The VR variant is not nearly as extensive as the standard version of the latest version of the game. For example, you don't have multiplayer, which is a shame in my opinion. In addition, there are only three course themes that you can play through and there is a practice field. The courses in Everybody's Golf VR, on the other hand, have enough variety and holes.

Everybody's Golf!

Waves in VR are not as easy as you might think. Not only do you have to deal with the direction you swing from, the force with which you swing, but also with the frolic of the Playstation Eye (camera).
I've already mentioned it in previous reviews brought up and maybe there's something really wrong with my setup, or it just doesn't work the way it's supposed to work. Especially in Everybody's Golf VR it seems to be a problem as the Move Controller and the VR headset are sometimes quite a bit apart. It works exactly as you would expect with golf. You have the handle of the club (the Move controller) in your hand around your waist, while you look at the ball through the VR glasses. Now and then the camera no longer sees the Move controller and you have to shake it, or act crazy so that the camera wants to register the thing again.
In general, this only bothered me with the small clubs like the putter. This one is slightly smaller so you have to bend over a bit to hit the ball. It is therefore essential that you have enough space around you so that the camera can follow your head and your movement at all times. Do not wave too fanatically when people, animals or objects are nearby, because waves can be a dangerous sport. You can also play with your DualShock, but what's fun about that?

pretty difficult

Nice to hit a ball, nothing wrong, right? Golfing can be tricky at times. There are a number of things that you should keep in mind while playing. The wind direction is one of the things you have to pay attention to. The wind can cause the ball to completely deflect the other way. You also have to pay attention to where you hit the ball. You have different clubs at your disposal for different situations. Fortunately, the game helps you a bit by choosing the "best" club for each situation. You can still switch clubs manually if you want.

Especially in the beginning you should get a feel of the sport in VR. A gentle tap is often enough to put a ball at a reasonable distance, as if you might be tempted to give that thing a good swing. So there is a decent learning curve involved and although it is very difficult to set a decent score without handicaps, the game is damn addictive.
The sport has never interested me personally, but Everybody's Golf VR keeps me glued to the Move controller even though my arm has already had enough movement. Okay, one more round then.

I just want to play on

The in-game caddy is extremely useful, because after a few hours of playing I'm basically the new Tiger Woods. However, she is also getting a bit annoying. Before and after the rounds she will tell the same story every time. You can skip the beginning, thankfully. At the end of the round she will show you the scoreboard. I still don't get this hole-in-one. There are all grades per course, but both with +1 I got a new record, but with -1 I also got a new record. Whatever. In any case, a quick glance at the scoreboard is enough I think, but instead your caddy keeps talking for a good few seconds until you can finally go back to the main menu.

You cannot choose to play another round once you have finished the round, but you must first go back to the main menu before you can play again. These transitions are accompanied by a number of loading screens, which in my opinion could have been a bit faster. I just want to keep playing!


Everybody's Golf VR is a compact take on the popular sports franchise with a handful of playing fields and cute caddies. The things that the game should do well are handled excellently and it feels like a complete golf experience with the Move controller. The loading times and general waiting times until you can continue playing after a round are in my opinion a bit too long and cumbersome (unless you want to change the settings). In addition, after a few hours of playing you will not unlock much new and you will soon be at the maximum content area. Since the game has a price tag of €30, this is not so bad and it is a more than entertaining and addictive VR game.

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