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A long time ago, in a time when everything was still open and free, we could travel here and there to various Escape Rooms to lock ourselves up. To then escape the rooms in which we were locked on the basis of puzzles and riddles. Since 2013 we were able to escape from the first Escape Room in the Netherlands. Over the years, the locations where you could play this game grew to a huge range. On average, we are even leaders in terms of the number of Escape Rooms per inhabitant of a country. Reason enough to send this popular game to the living rooms. We were allowed to get started with Escape Room The Game 2 (basic game).

Escape Room The Game 2 is one of the basic games of the franchise in which you are provided with all the materials to organize a fun evening of puzzles. Inside the box you will find a Chrono decoder in which you slide the keys to continue in the story or to finally escape. In addition, you will receive sixteen keys that you can divide into four groups. Three of the four groups have a different front and back side, so you have to pay attention while playing that you slide the right side into the Chrono Decoder. You also get four different Escape Rooms that go from low to high in terms of difficulty.

Each Escape Room starts with an introduction story after which you start the clock on the Chrono Decoder. After that, you have to go through three parts within an hour to successfully escape. The four stories you follow with Escape Room The Game 2 are: Panic on the Titanic, Alice in Wonderland, Dawn of the Zombies and Another Dimension. The difficulty ranges from two stars through to four and a half stars out of the total five stars. If you've played all four of them, there are now quite a few expansions available to continue playing. There are three basic games in which you are provided with keys and a Chrono Decoder. If you have younger children, Jumanji the Family edition is highly recommended.

Escape Room The Game 2 an ingenious design

The whole game is cleverly put together. The Chrono Decoder is not only equipped with a place in which you slide the keys, but also has a timer. In addition, there is also an exciting music from the box and you get a sign every five minutes that you may use a hint. Around the Chrono Decoder there are also tools to solve puzzles. You should therefore pay close attention while puzzling on the logo of the Chrono Decoder at the puzzles. Sometimes you also have to hold parts of the puzzle against the Chrono Decoder in order to use it. In short, the Chrono Decoder is a versatile device from Escape Room The Game 2.

The actual Escape Rooms are simple in design but well put together. In Escape Room The Game 2 you will see a room in which you have to search for clues and hints of the puzzles. For some it feels like being thrown in at the deep end. Then you are looking for where to start to find a key. Other Escape Rooms tell you what to do to find the keys. You solve each part by finding four keys and putting them in the Chrono Decoder. You can play the game with a minimum of three players and a maximum of five players. There are also versions where you can play the game with two people, but most Escape Rooms are intended for three to five players.


Compared to the Exit games, which we reviewed earlier, Escape Room The Game 2 is replayable. At least replayable in the sense that you can pass the game on to other friends or family. As long as you use pencil, you can easily remove solutions. In general, no cutting or demolition work is involved in the game, so that the game remains intact. This makes the game more attractive to keep at home than the Exit games. The design is well put together and each Escape Room is beautifully designed with challenging puzzles for a good evening of fun.

With a dozen expansions, three basic sets and six two-player variants, there are plenty of Escape Rooms to play at home at the kitchen table. Escape Room The Game 2 is one of those basic sets with which you can also play the expansions. Next Monday, August 2, the eleventh expansion called: Tomb Robbers will be released. You can purchase the basic game for 32 euros and each expansion will cost you 10 euros . No crazy amounts for hours of fun.

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