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We see interactive games more and more often. With games such as Detroit become Human, Man or Medan, we see the trend increasing successfully. But it is also surprising to see a live action interactive game pass by. With Black Mirror's Bandersnatch, Netflix released its first interactive film in which you could make choices to progress through the story. For the PS4 we now have Erica and this one is slightly different from Bandersnatch.

In the game Erica, the player delves into the past of the main character as you search for the truth about your father's death. Using flashbacks and references you try to find out the truth. The story starts with a dream you have about certain events from your childhood. With a fright you are released from that dream and the story begins in the present tense. Can you unravel the mystery surrounding your father's death? And do you know how to bring the story to a good conclusion?

Erica an interactive movie

Erica is actually more of an interactive movie than a game. Sit back on the couch and enjoy a compelling thriller. The "game" can be played in two ways. You can use the touchpad on your controller or download an app for your phone. Do the latter. The controller's touchpad is a bit on the small side for the actions you have to do during the game. A considerably larger phone screen offers just that little bit more convenience when you have to turn a button, for example.
Erica offers the player more involvement in the film than, for example, Bandersnatch. You regularly have to do things or make choices about how the game continues. The ending of the game reminds me of the movie Shutters Island. After the first playthrough, I still had no idea what the truth behind your father's death was. And whether this is the best ending you can have in this game. During the second playthrough you only really notice how much the game changes when you make different choices. It felt like you were watching another movie. It is therefore definitely recommended to play the game a few times.


For € 9.99 you have an exciting interactive thriller game with Erica. Play it with the app on your phone and you'll have a fun movie night. The story has a nice open ending in which you don't know everything about the film the first time you play it. This makes you inclined to play the game again. Only thing I really missed in this game is an option to view your choice path. In games like Detroit become Human, you can look back at your choices and how the story branched out. However, you don't get this with Erica. But despite that you have a great game/film for the low price that you will play a few times to find out the full truth about the story.

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