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The Dark Heart of Skyrim, a year full of events, updates and new storylines. We're advancing the year with the big expansion: Greymoor. And that's special, because ESO is finally moving more towards Skyrim! How do you like this expansion against Summerset or Elsweyr?

It's no secret that The Elder Scrolls Online developers are ambitious and passionate about their business. After several expansions and discussions with developers, one thing is clear: ESO is far from finished. Is Greymoor, an expansion set in a turbulent time, worthy of an ESO? Read it in our review!

A scary twist

Greymoor is an expansion with a different take than we are used to. We've had it all, from dragons to spiders the size of an average football field. But, what we haven't had yet is vampires and werewolves. You immediately notice that the Dark Heart of Skyrim is really dark. Western Skyrim already looks gruesome above the ground, but once you get down the party really starts. It's really fantastic how Zenimax creates the environment here. Greymoor Keep is the name of the large castle in the trailer above and you as a player can soon visit it in all its glory.

Western Skyrim is quite large, as the area consists of two large layers. The atmosphere fits the theme perfectly and underground you will find bloodhounds wanting to devour you and vampires who want to rip your neck open and devour the blood. But beyond that, the architecture is fantastic and you get a real Castlevania vibe. Just look at part of Greymoor Keep down here! The enemies and map are thus uniquely and fantastically brought to life within the chosen theme. But what about the rest?

Greymoor Vampire Castle

The story

Skyrim is at war, a war between Jorunn Skald-King and High King Svagrim. both leaders are as alert as can be and therefore have a kind of tunnel vision. They do not see the rest of what is going on in their kingdoms at all and are only focused on each other. Underground, plans are being made to literally tear Skyrim apart and bite everyone in the neck.

Luckily you come across Lyris Titanborn in your journey through Western Skyrim. Lyris is a great fun character with humor and a really well written character. Lyris is loyal and wants nothing more than to see Skyrim in all its glory. The storyline is therefore quite long if you include all side quests. These sidequests are always well developed in The Elder Scrolls Online and that is no exception in Greymoor.

vampire rework

The vampire skill line has been around in ESO for a while. This skill line is getting a major re-work in Greymoor. For example, the Vampire Form Ultimate is a beautiful one to look at, since you will look like a true bad-ass vampire king. The re-work is full of strong active and passive skills. It changes their entire build for many players, but don't worry, builds with the new vampire system will be online soon . The skill line is much more active than before and will play a bigger role in the future for ESO.


The ESO community is in two minds. Most of the community is overjoyed with Greymoor as an expansion and the Dark Heart of Skyrim as a year of adventure. But, there's also the part that's furious with Greymoor's launch. MMORPGs are known for rough launches, especially expansions, where servers become overloaded due to the return of many players. Normally I could also get irritated by these kinds of scenes. However, Zenimax can't change it much this time. We are in a pandemic and the number of people working on such a server is minimal at the moment. Yes, the first few days were a disaster in terms of server stability. On the other hand, they quickly resolved this in a period where this was more difficult than usual.

greymoor map


A new skill-line that you can unlock is Antiquities. Literally playing the archaeologist actually. The skill consists of a kind of mini-puzzles that vary each time from easy to brain-teasing. All in all, this is an original take on the search for good and exclusive loot. You will find so-called Antiquities by playing the expansion . So you can Scry these with an Antiquarian's Eye. Then you get a small puzzle that you have to solve as well as possible. The better you solve it, the faster you will be directed to the specific Dig Site. Once arrived, it's up to you to search a field from above for your treasure. The loot in this can vary considerably.

Scrying Greymoor

Over and over

Creating replayable content in an MMORPG is difficult for many developers. Yet Zenimax is increasingly succeeding in making this a success. There are plenty of meta events scattered around the map to play. You notice that the focus is on a long period of strong and replayable content and that comes when called for. For example, the Harrowstorm meta event is a popular one. The storyline can take you 30-50 hours to play through. Keep in mind that there is a lot more content to come. The Dark Heart of Skyrim is full of content for a year. Greymoor is the big kick-off for this.

greymoor public dungeon


Greymoor is another worthy expansion for a worthy MMO. The setting of this expansion is great and everything that comes with it is just as great. The re-vamped vampire skill line is a welcome addition. I'm especially curious about the future for Skyrim in this expansion and how this year full of content will unfold. Greymoor is not only a good expansion for existing players, but like any expansion is a good start for new players. In ESO you scale along, so you can already play the expansion from level 2. Will I see you online? Let us know in the comments down below!

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