Review: The Elder Scrolls Online: Scalebreaker

In our Elsweyr review it soon became clear that Zenimax and Bethesda are raising the bar for The Elder Scrolls Online . How does the new dungeon expansion for the game play out?

The Elder Scrolls Online first introduced a new way to distribute content last year. This way was then called the 'Year of the Dragon'. A year full of events, patches, DLC content and a new expansion: Elsweyr. We are now approaching the end of this year of the dragon. The second-to-last update is called Scalebreaker and that's the one we're putting in the spotlight today.


Scalebreaker is in the context of dungeons. If there's one thing the Elder Scrolls universe is at home in, it's making dungeons full of dangers, challenges, and above all a great team experience. Scalebreaker is therefore no exception. The DLC brings two dungeons along with some quality-of-life changes to make the game more accessible and efficient for players. There are also balance patches that, among other things, allow the new Necromancer class from Elsweyr to fit better into the roster.
Bethesda and Zenimax get a plus for their approach to content distribution alone. During Gamescom , they already announced that they will always be doing these year-long events from now on, after good feedback from the community.

Lair of Maarselok

As I mentioned in our playthrough with the developers , the Lair of Maarselok dungeon is one for the ESO history books. This Lair is one of the two dungeons from the DLC. You can find it in Grahtwood after purchasing the expansion for about 15 Euro.
In this dungeon, your team will take on Maarselok, a dragon that plagues the area around its great with corruption. You immediately notice this from the enemy design that has been chosen for this challenge. At the beginning of the dungeon you also notice that there is a heavy influence from the Khajiit, as the area is filled with ancient ruins. Through the dungeon you will encounter several tactical battles. The further you waltz through the dungeon, the more corruption you will see. All up to the actual battle with Maarselok. This dungeon plays great, is challenging enough and has plenty for the eye to see!

Moongrave Fane

Moongrave Fane brings the dragon story slightly differently. You are looking for the Hollofang Clan, whose leader wants to drink the blood of a dragon to greatly boost his powers. This story appealed to me a little more than the simple ' go kill a dragon ', but the environment appealed to me a little less personally. All in all, this dungeon is again of top quality and Zenimax is not letting grass grow on it. The combination of dragons and vampires works great and they have once again set up a top dungeon here. You will definitely notice how much heart the developers have for the game! Scalebreaker also brings new items and rewards outside of the two dungeons.


Scalebreaker again brings content of the highest quality with only a few minor downsides including the amount of content against the requested price of 15 Euros outside the original price for Elsweyr himself. ESO fans are of course also used to this from the game, only they normally bring just a little more content. The DLC is definitely recommended for regular players who are already looking forward to the closing of the Year of the Dragon, called Dragonhold.

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