Review: Dying Light: Bad Blood – Early Access

Techland is hard at work creating a worthy sequel to Dying Light. We have already been able to see Dying Light 2 during Gamescom 2018 , but before that, we can first get started with another game from Techland.

We all know Dying Light. An open world, zombies, parkour, weapons, crafting, rivalry and a lot of gore. Can you turn this into a battle royale? Of course that's possible! It wouldn't surprise me if we see FIFA 20 Battle Royale in a year's time where we can finally bite the bullet with Suarez. Take notes, EA Games. Anyway, I'm going too far from the topic we're going to talk about today: Bad Blood. No, not Taylor Swift's song, but Dying Light's Bad Blood.

Cause baby now we got bad blood

Good news for anyone who can't get enough of the Dying Light franchise. Techland recently launched an Early Access version of Dying Light: Bad Blood on Steam. This two bucks Early Access game gives you access to an alternate version of Dying Light in which Haran's zombies are the least you need to worry about.
In this game you compete with a total of 12 players in a smaller version of the map Haran. The famous tower is the center of the map and the few blocks with buildings around the tower make up the map in Bad Blood. The objective of the game is the same as any other zombie game on the market: Survival. However, you will not only fight against zombies in this game. Twelve men will storm into the map, but only one can escape.
Once you start the round there are two ways to win: Stay alive last, or escape Haran first. The second is a bit trickier than the first option. You will only be able to escape if you reach the highest level in a round. As soon as one person reaches level 5, a helicopter will fly into the map to free one player from the zombies. This must be done before the sunset is over, because we all know what happens in Haran when the sunlight stops hitting the surface of the city.

You know it used to be mad love

Where in Dying Light you could still work together with friends to survive, you are now on your own and your previous friends are suddenly murderous enemies. Once you end up in Haran by likely being dropped on a pile of garbage bags, you're supposed to equip yourself with the means to keep anything that has nails and teeth away from you.
Visit the houses for different types of weapons, upgrades and gadgets. You can find knives, axes, sledgehammers, shields, grenades, mines, molotov cocktails and throwing axes to protect yourself. In addition, there will be some pills and medkits here and there to supplement your health. If you're brave enough, you can also take on another type of NPC in Harran. At certain times you will see red smoke and a blue icon will appear on the map. You will find some tough guys here protecting a box. There is a good chance that there is a shotgun or handgun in this chest.
It remains a risky job to open this box because you will not only have to deal with the heavy boys who guard the box, but other players will also be interested in the shiny metal that is hidden in this box.

Now we've got problems

Encounters with enemy players can be very interesting because the combat in Bad Blood varies enormously. If you have a gun, you can try to shoot your enemy from a distance. If you don't have a gun, a bow and arrow will also do the necessary work from afar. However, if you want to play the tough guy and show that you have big balls, then storm over and hit him with your sledgehammer to a bloody nose.

Sounds very simple, but it isn't quite. Shields will block enemy attacks unless they charge their attack. The downside of charging is that while charging your attack, you are vulnerable to attacks. The downside to a charged attack when you're wearing a shield is that you'll recoil when you take a hit with a charged attack. Right now, with your beautiful shield, you are vulnerable to attack.
In addition to a shield, you can also fend off attacks by intervening at the right time by smashing in 'Q' when you get hit. You will hold back the attack and get a chance to deal a swat while the enemy is still recovering from your defenses. Is your enemy trying to run away? Then you may have already placed a mine somewhere around the corner so that you can literally take his legs, instead of him taking the legs. You can also shoot arrows into your enemy or throw throwing axes to cause a 'bleed' effect. Your opponent must now remove the object to stop the bleeding.
If you don't have any items to throw you can also throw your weapons, it can be very effective against shield users, but at least make sure you have a weapon on hand!

Oh yeah, zombies!

Yes zombies are also a part of this game as this is how you level up. Levels give you more life points and make you stronger. Zombies will protect so-called hives. You must extract samples of these hives to earn XP. There are small, medium and large hives. Of course the zombies with the larger hives are harder to beat. Most big hives are equipped with a demolisher. This giant zombie throws big chunks at it. Most medium hives are accompanied by a Goon. These are the big zombies with an overall and a makeshift sledgehammer. Also quite dangerous. The advantage is that all 'non-normal zombies' drop an armor pack that provides a shield and thus increases your maximum life points.
Again you have to be careful here, because enemy players can watch from a distance as you tackle a large zombie and strike quickly as soon as you are vulnerable.


Dying Light: Bad Blood is a fast-passed and highly entertaining version of a battle royale game. Techland calls it 'Brutal Royale' and this is certainly the case. It is the most original version of Battle Royale since Fortnite and brings a breath of fresh air to the Battle Royale genre. The game is currently only $20 on Steam in Early Access but will be free-to-play upon full release. You can spend money on loot stashes or in-game currency to personalize your character. No pay-to-win nonsense. So that sucks. Even if this game would not go free-to-play, twenty euros is really no money for this entertaining game. The range of weapons may not be very high yet and the map becomes very predictable over time so hopefully some more will be added.


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