Review: Dreams, a creative paradise

Media Molecule has been working on their dream project for a long, long time called: Dreams! What looked like a creative escape for the out of focus creatives turns out to be much more than that. Dreams are fantastic and we are going to explain to you why.

Dreaming is what every creative person does. During the day, in the evening, while cooking or while basetoning. The creative brain never stops. But what if there is a tool, no, a platform, that can completely convert this into the most beautiful creations? That's exactly what Dreams does. The 'game' is not perfect, but can easily build up to become the secret weapon for the Playstation and especially for Media Molecule and Sony.
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More than a game

Dreams cannot be described as a game, but more of a platform. This platform is an open book for everyone, a new beginning. Whether you are an artist, designer, developer, game designer or just a creative person, there is something for everyone. Dreams as a platform offers two options after log-in: Surfing or creating. As someone who studies Communication and Multimedia Design, I actually wanted to start making the coolest shit right away. But, to understand the game a bit more, I thought it would be great to first take a look at the creations of others.
You could already see the most beautiful and well thought-out projects come to life in the community creations. From games to artwork to entire movies, all created or recreated in Dreams. The tool has been playing in some sort of beta state for quite some time now and some lucky ones, these artists have already made some of the wildest projects. There is a build of Fallout 4 imitated and there is a game that completely blew me away: The Pilgrim. Here you play a nice little man through a full game that easily takes 45 minutes. This is not just any game, here you can see how Dreams can ensure that small studios or novice game developers can use their creativity.

Video by 2Franks

In the video above you can see some of the better creations so you can visit and/or play them yourself! While visiting some of the projects I soon realized that I would never be able to make something like this myself. But, that is precisely the purpose of Dreams, the dreaming of something big. How can you make something great? By investing a lot of time, learning, and by dreaming.

To invest

Dreams are an investment, an investment of time and dedication. Ultimately, this depends on what your goals are. That's the beauty of this platform. You can make it as difficult and beautiful as you want. The game gives you a calm and clearly explained introduction and the opportunity to try your controls in different modes. For me, using the standard motion controls with a few minor sensitivity tweaks was more than enough. So far I have mainly tested what the controls do and what the possibilities are when it comes to using different shapes and other features. The game is extensive, but the controls are not 100% perfect. This is not necessarily due to the button combinations, but at times it just doesn't feel free and fluid enough. Dreams clearly has a high learning curve.But if you have the time and dedication to make something big, this platform gives you the right tools.
Dreams PS4 Creation

What can you find?

Dreams are full of good ideas. You will find cooking games, RPGs, co-op games, movies, series, music, graphics, paintings, 3D animations and much more. Do you want to start with Dreams yourself? Then I can only advise you to do it, to explore the possibilities. It's hard to review a platform like this on its mechanics, controls, features and more. Dreams is a platform for everyone, with a price that is abnormally low for what you get. The game offers you as good as the world for only 40 Euro. This while Dreams is worth the full blow. Many studios can learn from that.


There's not much more to say about Dreams than that the tool is almost perfect. Apart from some control issues and FPS issues in large projects, this platform is one that should be in every PS4 library. Whether you want to design, create or play, anything is possible. Media Molecule has made an imprint in the future and their platform will hopefully be a huge success. It's a shame how little Sony actually does with the marketing for the platform. Do you already have Dreams on your PS4? Let us know your favorite creation so far in the comments below!


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