Review: Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball Fighter Z. It is a fact that this title has been able to celebrate quite a success after its launch in January this year! Now the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch, a console/handheld where fighting games like this always shine. How does this port run and why would it be better than the console or PC version? You can read that in our review!

FighterZ is a game set in the DragonBall universe, but in a more retro look. This 2.5D fighting title brought a lot of good reviews when the game launched on January 26, 2018. The Switch port obviously doesn't have the performance that the PC or console version offers, but we immediately noticed that it does its job well on the handheld. Check out the trailer first to get an idea of the game and how it should work on Switch;


When the game starts, you'll be given a choice; Do you want to play Online or Offline? From the moment you make that choice, you end up in a lobby. If you choose Online, this lobby is filled with other players. In that lobby you can spend your in-game currency, get information and use all the modes that the game contains. You can choose a pre-modified Chibi from just about any character from the Dragon Ball universe, if you've unlocked it. You do this by buying Capsules, which can contain various rewards. Among these rewards are those Chibi characters. Now with the month of Halloween you can unlock special skins!
From that lobby you can start just about any mode you want to start, from arcade to story to practice mode. The practice speaks for itself of course, you fight against training dummy characters and can choose to what extent they lose health or fight back. In arcade mode you can play against friends with two controllers or alone against a computer controlled enemy. Then there is the local mode, in which you can play via a local connection and the story mode tells an original story. You can choose three arcs (storylines), all those storylines play very much with the original lore of DBZ, which is really cool!


The Nintendo Switch, if this console/handheld hybrid has proven anything, it is that the device can take a lot. Games like Doom and Wolfenstein II have previously proven how strong the Switch is. This port of FighterZ runs great once again. The game looks great with its 2.5D/3D look. All battles run smoothly and the cinematics in battles are also very smooth. If anything has to be a shame, let it be the frame drops in some in-between cinemas. But the ultimate moves all look super-smooth and I couldn't find a stutter in this one.
FighterZ is one of the most popular fighting games of the past five years, that's a fact. This means that bringing a game like this to the Switch will do a lot of good for the console. What could be more fun than being able to take a game like this with you on the train or to your friends! The Online Play was also very fluid. I didn't notice any lag at all. The controls for the handheld were a bit of a puzzle in the beginning, the menus don't explain exactly how the special attacks work. Fortunately, the game does give you the choice for 'simple controls', which ensure that you can still easily use those ultimate skills with the trigger buttons.
If your friends don't have a Switch and you only have one pair of Joy-Cons? That's no problem, you can just play the game with half a controller, so you can play together anyway and crush your friends. The game looks fantastic, also the colors and that this also runs so smoothly online, makes for an all-round great experience! FighterZ already has some DLC characters and the game continues to expand itself. It is also possible to get multiple colors of fighters. For example, I think it's super cool to play with a gold-like Kid Buu! Although the game doesn't give you the option to create your own character, there is plenty to customize for yourself!


While most knew that FighterZ was a great game, having debuted for PS4/XB1 and PC nine months ago, the game now proves once again how good it is. The underrated power of the Nintendo Switch and the awesome charm of FighterZ is a combination that makes for the best fighting game yet for this handheld. Other than the fact that some of the cinematics didn't quite run smoothly, the combat itself was very fluid. I could give a long review about the game itself, but then I'm giving information twice, because the game is already out! However, I was able to tell you how smoothly the game runs on the hybrid that is called the Nintendo Switch!

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