Review: Doom Eternal

The sequel to the reboot of Doom is finally under the sun, and the First Person Shooter scene has never looked more brutal than it does now. No one can compete with Doom Eternal and each level proves it again. Okay, Doom. Here we go. Hurt Me Plenty.

Doom Eternal is the sequel to the Doom reboot from 2016. Once we compare both titles, one thing quickly becomes clear. This isn't just a sequel. It's like Doom is a quick bite of Burger King, while Doom Eternal is prepared by a Michelin chef. I'm definitely not trying to downplay Doom 2016 here, because this game was incredibly brutal. But even for all Doom 2016 veterans, Doom Eternal is definitely not a home game.
hell on earth

Rip And Tear – Again

Just after the events of the first part, all hell breaks loose on earth again. Literally. Because the whole world is overrun by known, but also unknown demons. Everything has been ruined and gigantic devices are terrorizing the earth and turning the whole place into a playground for Doom Guy and his (new) toys. Your favorite weapons return in Doom Eternal, but there are also a few new "tools" to make the demons a few heads smaller.
The ballista is one of my new favorite weapons. The device shoots projectiles and is similar to a railgun. By putting a mod on your ballista, you can fire a wide-open wave to separate all the torso from the legs of all the demons in your path. And it also looks horrific. Very, very gruesome. Doom Eternal has also not stood still in the graphic area.
plasma gun

A lot of gore

It shouldn't come as a surprise when I say that blood and brutal executions are a key ingredient to Doom. The Michelin chefs at id Software know this all too well. Doom Eternal has an incredible amount of gore. As soon as you start to let yourself out on enemies you will notice it. She also. The feedback from the weapons feels good. There is a certain and very heavy 'punch' behind it. I missed this more often in Doom 2016. In Doom Eternal you know exactly when you have a demon right. Flesh flies off his bones and you can't quite see what this monster ate this morning. Shoot a few more times until it's almost out of meat and the demon starts to light up as usual. Time for a gruesome execution. Here we see a number of familiar ones from the first part return, but also many new ones.

No child's play

I might be kicking in an open door, but this new action shooter is by no means child's play. Not literally, but not figuratively either. With the addition of weaknesses, new techniques and mechanics, you have to make much better use of strategies than you are used to. Keeping moving is necessary, but in Doom Eternal there is an extra kick. Keep moving, both horizontally and vertically. Monkey bars, and double jump will get you well on your way to not get trapped by the infernal creatures charging towards you in no time.
In addition, almost every demon now has a certain weak spot. Shoot this to smithereens to kill your enemy faster because it really helps. So precision is important, but remember. Keep moving! This game is absolutely not to be messed with, so be prepared for an intense heavy metal gore rollercoaster. And that every 10 minutes!
Fortunately, as I said, you have many more toys at your disposal and also a grenade launcher on your shoulder. It shoots both explosives and freezing projectiles. Explosives are especially useful against the flying Cacodemon because it swallows them and is therefore immediately ripped off for an execution. Freezing grenades are extremely useful when a horde of demons is chasing you on a ground level. Freeze them and smash them into millions of pieces with a sledgehammer blow dealt with your fist. Bam!
Doom Eternal


Doom Eternal feels more like a DIY than you might be used to. In general, pickups in the form of lives and shields are a lot rarer. You kind of have to take care of it yourself by killing demons. Glory kills cause a demon to drop a lot of life points. If you tame a demon with your flamethrower and then pound on it, you'll be rewarded with shields. If you finally kill him when he is on fire, you get extra shields as a reward. Ammunition also feels much scarcer and countless times I was stuck because my guns were empty. Fortunately, there is a workaround. Remember the chainsaw? Use this analog device to turn a demon into a treasure chest.Because as soon as you drive your sharp chains through the skull of the demon you will be inundated with bullets for your weapons.
Doom Eternal chainsaw
You will once again be looking for secrets and upgrades. New in this Doom is your home base where you can get updates before and after missions, but also view your collection. You will also receive Sentinel Batteries while playing. You can use this in your home base to open vaults to buy upgrades or to unlock a very familiar and old-fashioned skin for Doom Guy.


A lot of action, a lot of blood, heavy metal, demons, even more action and even more blood. That's what you can expect in Doom Eternal. If you think you've seen it all in the 2016 reboot, you're wrong. It feels like Doom Eternal is reinventing itself a bit while building on an already rock solid formula. It is on the one hand a question of more and on the other hand a question of better, deeper and more horrific.

  • more gore
  • Tactical
  • Horrible
  • Challenging


  • Not for the weak stomach



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