Review: DnDBeyond: Ideal tool for Dungeons&Dragons

Dungeons&Dragons has been a well-known game for years in which players travel through an imaginative world and experience various adventures. The game brings players together for a fun evening or afternoon, leaving reality for a moment for fantasy. Just like gaming, but based on your own imagination. Cozy up at a table with drawn cards and paper Character Sheets. However, thanks to Covid-19, many players have had to find their way to play it digitally. Earlier this year we gave you a hand with a short how to article . Today we take a closer look at one of those elements, DnDBeyond .

DnDBeyond already existed before Covid-19 was spread. But thanks to the virus, the website has really taken off with active players or Dungeon Masters. The website is continuously developing with improvements and new applications. It is a useful tool not only for players of the game but also for the Dungeon Masters of Dungeons&Dragons. On the site you can create and maintain everything to create or play a campaign. In addition, there is also an active forum where you can find other users of the site to get tips and tricks from. You can also find new players or Dungeon Masters there to participate in a campaign or a one shot adventure.

The best thing about DnDBeyond is that it is partly free to use. The basics to make a Character Sheet or to prepare things as a Dungeon Master are enough for a starting group of players. If you like it, you can invest in the digital books that you can purchase. These can be read in your browser, but also via an app on your mobile phone. There is also a mobile app for players where you can view and keep track of your Character Sheet. Ideal for when you are again able to play Dungeons & Dragons at someone's home.

DnDBeyond for the players

It is easy for the players to create a Character Sheet. If you do not have a subscription to DnDBeyond you can create up to six different Characters. You can choose the basic races and classes in the world of Dungeons&Dragons. In terms of items and spells, there are only a select few that you can choose from. If you want more options and more choices, you can think about buying a digital book. We recommend that you be the first to read the Players Handbookto purchase. In addition to a more extensive explanation of the rules, you will find more choices for your Character here. You will then have access to more races and classes, as well as more spells, items and backgrounds for your character. You can also buy individual parts on the site. For example, if you are only interested in one game of another book, you can buy it separately without having to buy the whole book.

Creating your Character Sheet on DnDBeyond is also quite simple to make. On the basis of a number of selection pages you can choose from various choices that you can make to create your character. First you get a list of options that you need to discuss with your Dungeon Master. Then you can really start working on your character. First you choose a race, then you choose your class and the starting level at which you start. On the basis of exclamation marks, you can then see which choices you still have to make to continue. Then you choose your abilities and then make a description of your character. Finally, choose your starting equipment and voilà your character is ready.

For new players, the Character Sheet on DnDBeyond is quite easy to learn. Everything is clearly marked where it is. For the players who were used to the paper versions, it can take some getting used to. But once you are used to it, it is wonderful to work with this digital Character Sheet. You can also throw digital dice on your Character Sheet if you don't have physical dice. With an extension you can even link your digital throws to the virtual gaming tables like Roll20 . In short, a lot of digital convenience.

For the Dungeon Masters

Dungeon Masters will have to invest a little more in DnDBeyond if they want to go all out with their creations. Just like the players, there are several monsters to view for free. Creating campaigns are also limited if you don't have a subscription. The advantage is that all content that your Dungeon Master has shared with the players in his campaigns. This makes it more attractive, for example, for a group of players to jointly purchase digital books on the Dungeon Master's account. Players also benefit from this. For example, if the Dungeon Master has the latest book " Tasha's Cauldron of Everything ", players can also choose from the new classes and spells.

As a Dungeon Master you can create encouters for your campaign on DnDBeyond. You can select what your group of players consists of. How many players and what level are they. If your players are in your campaign, you can also simply add them to the encounter. Then you can choose from a range of monsters. On the basis of a bar you can see exactly how easy or difficult the encounter will be for them. The only drawback is that the encounter builder does not yet calculate with the amount of monsters. Fortunately, the builder is still in the beta phase and we see an improvement in that. If you have made an encounter you can start it and you will immediately receive a combat tracker. Here you enter the throws of your players and the monsters and everything is immediately put in order.

Homebrew content is every Dungeon Master's niche. With this you can give your own flair to your campaign. You can also get started with this on DnDBeyond. The site offers useful options for creating your own monsters, items and spells. You can share this or keep it private. There are plenty of Dungeon Masters who share their homebrew content with others, giving you even more choice as Dungeon Masters. It takes some figuring out how to make everything exactly, but once you figure it out you make one monster after another.


DnDBeyond is a great digital tool for both the player and the Dungeon Master. When you purchase the books or take out a subscription, you have plenty of choices to create characters or to run campaigns. Even if you don't want to spend money, the site is very useful and offers enough content to make a nice campaign or character. Tip remains if you want to buy something, do it on the Dungeon Master's account. Especially if you play with a fixed group. As a Dungeon Master you can share content so that everyone in the group can use the digital content. Whatever you make on the site everything is very easy to make. Whether you're new or experienced, this digital tool is a great addition to Dungeons&Dragons. As a player and Dungeon Master I can no longer do without this website.


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