Review: The Division 2: Warlords of New York

The Division 2 got a bit more mixed reactions than its predecessor, all the same we found this second part no less strong than the first. Now we go back to the well-known New York, which looks slightly different from the first part.

The Division 2 is and remains a cover-based looter shooter with a lot of RPG elements to even fall within that genre. This is written in the stars. However, within the game there are many changes taking place. A changing gear system, new loot, a 'new' area and new characters is what we find in the Warlords of New York expansion. Is this expansion fresh enough to remain captivating? Read it in our review!

Throw your garbage away

New York, ah, that was a while ago. A lot has changed in the city. The snow has melted and the true nature of a post-apocalyptic setting is revealed. And no, the earth didn't end, but New York has been through a lot. The city has a great fitting atmosphere. Garbage bags are everywhere, alleys are grimer than ever and there are plenty of sewers and secret places to visit. Just like in the base game, New York also feels more alive than ever. Bad guys are everywhere to shoot down and form alliances. There is more than enough to find and do about the 8 to 10 hour long storyline that the expansion brings.
Once you arrive in New York you will no longer be welcomed with a cup of tea and a biscuit. The population there is quite skeptical about The Division and let them know. The people of New York don't want to be saved, but we're not giving up. Players from the first game will probably remember Alex Keener. A former Division agent who now abandons his morals and tries to take over New York. It's up to you to stop Keener.
warlords of new york
First of all, you get four areas to choose from, just like choosing your strike point in World of Warcraft. However, you can do them in any order. In the areas you will be welcomed by different types of enemies. There are four lieutenants of Keener in those four areas. These are your first targets. If you purely play the storyline, then you will be through the expansion in no time, luckily there is more to do, find and discover.
The lieutenants show why the boss battles in the Division are just super cool and especially super challenging. On your way to the first, second, third and fourth lieutenant, you will of course find enough weapons and armor to make your character stronger. There are also new skills to expand. Warlords of New York is not just about the storyline, there are quite a few quality-of-life changes and they are perhaps just as important as the story.
warlords of new york

Let's see, how was that again?

Outside of the new missions, a lot has changed in the gear system, the Dark Zone and more. Players who haven't played the base game will get a level 30 boost and won't notice much of the difference. However, you soon find out that a lot has changed. In the base game you encountered a lot more trash-loot anyway than in Warlords. Inventory management was really awful. Not only do you get less loot, but also the way the stats are presented makes it easier to distinguish bad from better. This makes it much easier to choose weapons and it removes the 'clutter' you often encounter in your backpack.
The Division 2 will also be in the form of a battle pass. However, in Warlords you are ensured that you have new objectives every week, or even get new missions. While playing the storyline, it is also explained why the battle pass reaches the game. it's not just a level system that you go through mindlessly as if it were a chore. No, there is an entire storyline attached to the seasonal content as well as the battle pass missions. The season will run for 12 weeks and will introduce new agents to hunt as well as new gear to collect. The first season started on March 10.
warlords of new york


Warlords of New York doesn't feel like a completely new part, but it does feel like a major improvement on what was there. The Division 2 is an original and cool game in itself and Warlords not only adds a new map and storyline, but also plenty of quality changes. Besides that, the game is often heavily discounted and this is reason enough to pick up the game. New York brings an amazingly grim atmosphere and the game feels more alive than ever. Are you going to risk it yourself?

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