Review: Diablo 3 Eternal Collection – Nintendo Switch

Diablo 3 is already a few years old, but the latest port of this game on the Nintendo Switch proves once again that Diablo is certainly not a forgotten child. If Diablo Immortal is not up your alley, but you prefer something more of the same as long as we wait patiently for Diablo 4. Then Diablo 3 for Switch might be something for you.

The game, as you might expect, is exactly the same as it looks on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The game includes all previous DLC, and all updates that the game has received over the years. You can play Diablo 3 on Nintendo Switch offline. Once you reconnect to the internet, your progress will be saved to the cloud. As long as you play offline, everything will be stored locally.


If you're just a Nintendo gamer, you may have noticed that Nintendo's new console is extremely popular. There are also more and more games that are not made or developed by Nintendo. Skyrim, Dark Souls, South Park, but now also Blizzard's Diablo 3. The game first appeared on PC in 2012 and on consoles in 2014. Recently, the game has also been released for the Nintendo Switch.

Diablo on the Nintendo Switch runs a lot smoother than expected and it really looks fantastic. Easily one of the most beautiful and smooth games on the device. Graphically, the game is obviously not as beautiful as on PC. Still, the game looks really good and could have been a lot worse. The fact that the game runs at 60 fps ensures an unprecedented smooth experience at all times. Even if it gets a bit too busy on your screen and you would expect the Switch to fail, everything continues to work seamlessly. It seems that Blizzard cares deeply about performance. We've already covered this in a previous article on World of Warcraft: Classic , but we'll definitely see it again here.


Diablo 3 is a Dungeon Crawler. This means that you run through dungeons with your character to complete missions, defeat bosses and pick up items to improve your character. The great thing about Diablo is that it never has to end. You can play through the five ACTS with your character in different difficulty levels. These can be very high, but if you have already played the story on PC or another console, you can also skip it. If you want to skip the standard story you can start directly with the Adventure mode. The adventure mode contains completely different challenges and content than the campaign mode. All normal quests are disabled in this mode and all waypoints are ready to be used.

The great thing about Diablo and the Nintendo Switch is that you never have to play alone. You can play Diablo with a total of four people and for this game it is 100% that it is much more fun to play the game with friends. You can take companions with you when you play solo, but with a group of friends is always the best.

Nintendo? amiibo?

Hell yes. The game supports Amiibo on the Nintendo Switch. There's even a super cool Loot Goblin Amiibo coming in December. But before that, you can also scan your current Amiibo's. As soon as you scan an Amiibo, several champion monsters will spawn that you can kill for XP and of course, LOOT! You can only scan each Amiibo once per day. You will find your Amiibo portal in your stash. You will find this in the first village you encounter. Take out your Amiibo portal, open it through your inventory and start scanning! You also get a cool transmog set from Ganondorf, but per armorpiece you pay 50,000 gold to change the look. So that's something for later. You can take the Cucco cap with you right away. A chicken as a follower cap, who wouldn't want that?


Diablo 3 for Nintendo Switch is one of the best ports we've seen. It's almost like it's a true Nintendo game, except for a few points. The UI takes a lot of getting used to if you're used to Diablo on PC. The inventory especially is sometimes a mess, although you would think that the PC version is already a mess. It's nice that you can access everything from one menu, but navigating is sometimes a bit difficult. Graphically and technically, on the other hand, the game is top notch. No problems with frame drops or strange stutters. The Switch version runs very smoothly with 60 frames per second and loading times are almost non-existent. This is quite an achievement I must say.

All in all, Diablo 3 is still the same endless classic as we are used to from previous versions. Diablo on the Nintendo Switch is perhaps my favorite version, although I never thought this before. I already mentioned it in our preview , but this game plays very nicely with a controller. The game also plays very well in handheld mode, despite the occasional pressure for the compressed image. However, this is more of a Switch minus, and not a Diablo minus.

Is Diablo for you?

Have you never given the game a chance, but are you even a little interested by reading this review? Then it is definitely worth a try. The game offers a lot of content and you can even go on indefinitely without it getting too repetitive. Nintendo Gamers have another gem!

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