Review: Devil May Cry 5

After a number of less good choices, trust in Capcom had been broken for many. Can the studio regain this trust with a new Devil May Cry? They made up for a lot with Resident Evil 2, but is this the last straw in the bucket?

It's August 2018, Gamescom is in full swing and there's one game I still want to check out! Or well, actually it is only day 1 and it is also quite early in the morning. Ah, details details… Jordy and I are queuing up at Xbox to play just one quick game: Devil May Cry 5! The line lasts and lasts, but in the end the time has come, we can go inside! We were allowed to play the game for fifteen minutes and these 15 minutes ended in a boss fight. I thought the demo was underperforming for what I had in mind for the game, but that was mostly in the combat area. Other than that, the game looked beautiful, especially in 4K. I felt that the demo was not presented properly.
Then the game came in. The CD slid into the Playstation 4 and Malvin was bolted to the couch for the rest of the weekend. I haven't finished a game so quickly in ages, and that wasn't because the game was short or whatever. On the contrary, the game was so addictive that it  had to be finished! The last time I had this feeling was when I plugged The Last of Us into my Playstation 3. Of course, the game doesn't come without its flaws, but we'll talk about that later! For now, the trailer.

Pull my Devil Trigger

When you talk about hack 'n' slash games, I think of games like Ninja Gaiden, the Warriors games, God of War or Darksiders. Those are just a few of the many names that pop up in my chaotic head. Two other names are Bayonetta and Devil May Cry, these are also the top titles for me! Devil May Cry 4 introduced Nero and the 2013 title gave more background to Dante, the idea of the two characters coming back for another installment was one I liked. Then we found out that a third character was added called 'V'. The whole story revolves around him, at least in the beginning.
V needs help from Dante and Nero. In the first twenty minutes you immediately play a big climax, Dante is defeated by Urizen and Nero can only just escape with V. It is up to them to save Dante and with it the world. This fight starts the game and immediately shows how strong the story can be again. Here we immediately noticed how smooth and beautiful the cinematics are. The game therefore runs on the same engine as the remake of Resident Evil 2, although in DMC they have the freedom to build everything from the first pixel, where RE2 was a visit to the past.
You start the game as Nero and eventually play as V, this alternates. Dante won't be playable until later. The unfortunate thing about Nero is that in the beginning it does not show how deep and strong the combat is. Yes, he has many possible attacks but they are just a little less smooth and unique than V or Dante. Nero has his trusty sword, which he can turn to fire up the bike for more ass kicking. Nero also has his Devil Breaker and pistols. These Devil Breakers replace his lost arm, are interchangeable and have multiple types of unique attacks. Only after unlocking more Breakers does it become apparent how deep Nero is in the field of combat.

As V as a bird

V, on the other hand, is quite a unique character in terms of playstyle. V attacks itself as little as possible. You have three different shadow beasts at your disposal that you can use in different ways. The way of implementation is top-notch and something I've never seen in a game before, you can certainly call it resourceful. With his bird, tiger and large oil monster, he is an addition that is more than welcome. The mystery surrounding his character was also quite cool. V was the easiest to play and perhaps the coolest, until Dante comes into the story.
Dante has multiple stances, multiple unique weapons, and multiple special Devil Triggers. Dante is a real one-man army and once again shows how over-the-top the DMC series really is and can be. From smashing demons with two sides of a motorcycle to turning into a demon king and burning everything down, it's all possible. The combat is deep, fluid and creates a great atmosphere. You will again be rewarded with a rating, with  Smokin' Sexy Style being  the highest. To beat Urizen you have to pull out all the stops and that is what the game most certainly does.

More than once

Devil May Cry 5 is a game that you will most certainly not play once. Once you've finished the game, more content will be available to you. Besides that, you can play the game again on higher difficulties and you can now select individual missions and play them with a character of your choice. You can't get everything the first time and this makes completing your game a lot more fun and accessible. Besides that, the story is so intense that you'll want to play a second or even third time anyway. Also the design of enemies was pretty cool and you can see them all in more detail in the main menu.
This umpteenth part starts and ends with a big climax and it's hard for me not to spoil too much for you! You must therefore believe me when I say that the story is better written than any previous DMC. The humor is present and the dialogues are very well spoken. Graphically the game is beautiful and the faces look like they come from the highest shelf. I personally don't think I've seen such detailed faces in a game before. This also brought out non-playable characters like Nico, Trish and Lady better. The cinematography is not only beautiful, but also well placed. Never did I feel that a cinematic was redundant, or poorly timed.
The original soundtrack ' Devil Trigger' already caught my attention with a mix of techno, rock and punk. That is also the theme song for Nero. Dante and V also have their own songs and these not only fit the fighting styles, but are now also in my Spotify playlists. During my first game I still encountered quite a few bugs, many made me laugh, but in mission 13 there was one that prevented me from progressing. I had to play with another character to continue and there were some other minor bugs. These were fixed with the day one patch and therefore quickly removed.


Devil May Cry 5, except for its flaws, is a masterpiece from Capcom! With rich characters, a unique play style with all characters and an intense storyline, this is a game that is worth its full amount with every penny. Devil May Cry 5 is not only a game for the fans, but also more accessible for new players. In any case, the confidence from me is completely back after Resident Evil 2 and this title. I will not be finished with the game yet. Well dear people, I'm going to continue kicking demons with a cowboy hat on, greetings!

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