Review: Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

Devil May Cry is back baby! This time on Playstation 5 in a Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition. In this definitive version of Capcom 's hack and slash rollercoaster you will play with Vergil!

More than a year and a half ago you could already read what we thought of Devil May Cry 5 . We were pleasantly surprised by Dante's comeback and our attitude towards this game hasn't changed over the past few months. Devil May Cry 5 is still a masterpiece! The game is back on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X in a Special Edition. This new version polishes the entire game for next-gen visuals and performance. The result is certainly there.

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Devil May Cry 5 revolves around three main characters. Dante, V and Nero. We already know Nero and Dante from previous parts. V is new to DMC fans, at least that's what Capcom will have you believe for about half of the game. The demon threat is here again and this time a giant Qliphoth tree is growing in Red Grave City. The Qliphoth is a tree from the underworld that feeds itself by guzzling human blood. It is up to the devil hunters to cut this tree down in the most brutal and humorous way.

You play a total of 20 missions through the story of about 10 hours and you keep switching between Nero, V and eventually Dante. Each character plays completely different. You perform combos the same, but apart from the fact that Nero and Dante both have swords, they differ in play style as day and night. The same goes for V. His playing style is the most unique, because you don't attack with him directly. You summon shadows in the form of a kind of raven and panther that you attack with. The final fatal blow must be performed with V.

Anyway, Devil May Cry veterans already know this. What about Vergil?

What form of power is this?

In the Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, you have the option to also play through the story missions as Vergil. You don't switch between different playable characters here, but only with Vergil. This new mode is mainly about the gameplay and Vergil's playstyle, because almost the entire story is stripped in this mode. You start with a slightly different version of the introduction cutscene where Nero loses his arm. Until the end of the game you don't get any cutscenes, not even at the phone booths. The Devil May Cry van is already parked in front of you. Furthermore, you play exactly the same game, although the very last fight is slightly different, but you can probably already guess how.

Vergil again plays very differently from your previous characters. I think it's one of the most complicated characters. Be sure to finish the story first with Dante, Nero and V if this is your first Devil May Cry 5 playthrough. Otherwise you will not only miss the whole story, but of course you will also come into contact with all the mechanics of the game. As Vergil, you're really expected to already know what you're doing.

As Vergil you have 4 different weapons. The most iconic weapon, of course, is the legendary demon katana, Yamato. A fast weapon that allows you to perform various combos quickly. If you really want to pack a punch, Beowulf from Devil May Cry 3 comes in handy. Attacks more sluggishly than Yamato, but packs some punches. Mirage Edge is similar to Force Edge from Devil May Cry 4 and with this weapon there seems to be a good balance between speed and power. For distance and for shield you also have the ghost swords that you can summon.

Now I'm Motivated!

Vergil as a character is very calm, precise and cunning. He also expresses this in his playing style. Vergil has an ascending concentration meter that only fills when you stand still or walk very slowly. The fuller the gauge, the more effective Vergil's attacks are. You deal more damage and your weapons have further range. So if you're running around like an idiot, you're the least effective. So play Vergil the way he is in the story. This mechanic somewhat forces you to play the game in a completely different way. Vergil's moveset also allows this and results in battles that are very different in nature than when you play with Dante, Nero and V.

His Devil Trigger is also not a weak copy of Dante's. You don't turn into the blue demon, but you summon a blue shadow fighter that attacks after your precise. The Shadow Fighter only uses the Yamato, even if you use a different weapon. So you actually always call up a copy of yourself for almost double damage output for a short time.

Devilishly beautiful

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition looks breathtakingly good on the Playstation 5. For my playthrough, I played the entire game in graphics mode. Ray tracing with 4K resolution. The whole game plays very smoothly and I haven't had any performance issues or drama tips myself. If you have a TV or monitor that supports it, you can also play the game up to 120 FPS for extra smooth gameplay. Note that the game will give up graphically in this mode. So you make the trade-off between extremely smooth gameplay, or an amazing picture to gawk at while playing. Since I found it smooth enough in graphics mode, I never felt the need to switch to performance mode.

There are practically no loading screens in this game. Every mission starts within 2 seconds. The loading screen has already disappeared before you can read the first tip. You have the option to skip through the loading screen immediately when it has finished loading. Personally, I would have preferred a fade out and fade in for this, since you don't even have to wait. Keeping on carts all the time really feels great.


The Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition on Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X is a no-brainer for the suggested retail price of €39.99. At least for anyone who hasn't played the game yet. If you've already played the game, you should ask yourself if Vergil's addition is worth the investment. After all, the rest of the game has remained the same.

In any case, what I can say is that this game is a brilliant showcase of the next-gen capabilities on launch day. The game plays just as great as we're used to, but takes it up a notch for next-gen. It's not just a Definitive Edition with polished graphics, but a full-fledged next-gen title with all the bells and whistles you expect.


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