Review: Destiny 2: Beyond Light

The fifth expansion for Destiny 2 was released last week on November 10. Beyond Light brings a new story, new weapons, new raids and new powers. The new DLC is one of the better expansions or maybe even the best expansion to date. The new powers feel good and it brings more utility than the existing powers of Solar, Arc and Void. But more on that later in our review. At least Bungie is back on track with their online shooter.

It's been a while since I threw myself into the world of Destiny 2. The trailer for the new DLC, Beyond Light, rekindled my interest in playing Bungie's shooter. After catching up with the previous DLCs, I soon got back into the grind for the Raids that the game has to offer. But luckily the new DLC was lurking. When starting the new story, I was pleasantly surprised by the cinematics and the opening movie. My attention was immediately drawn to fight the new evil.

But what's really new in Beyond Light? As with any new DLC, all your items are upgraded to the starting light level of 1050. The new light level cap is set at 1250 and with the Pinnacle gear you can even increase it to 1260. In short, we have something to do again to max to become light-level. The new Raid is coming in four days and to be well prepared for that Raid we can already start the grind to 1250. In addition, the new story gives you a new power called Stasis. And that power is to be enjoyed. It is immediately my new favorite power to use. But what can you do with this new power?

Stasis and more in Beyond Light

The new Beyond Light story is about the Fallen. Once again there is a leader of the Fallen who has a bone to pick with the Traveler. After finding the Stasis shards, this leader has a new dark power with which she tries to conquer the world. It's up to your Guardian to stop this new threat. You get a shard from the Stasis yourself. During the story you will be able to use this new power at various times to permanently unlock it. I myself like to play with the Warlock and its Stasis power is sublime. Not only can you freeze your opponents and deal AOE damage on opponents around you, but you can now also tactically create ice walls.

These ice walls are quite sturdy and will even damage anything and anyone who tries to demolish them. You can also freeze opponents in that wall if you aim it at your opponents. Your melee attack also provides a short freeze for the person you hit with it. In PVE, the new power is fantastic, but in PVP there is still some balancing to be done. Fighting against players with the Stasis power is far from fun. Once frozen you are as good as dead. It's fun when it happens on your own, but frustrating when it happens to you. There will also be new Raids with the first coming to Beyond Light in four days.

Of course, the new DLC Beyond Light also comes with a new planet. This time it concerns the moon of Jupiter called Europa. Europa is a planet on which it is icy cold and where you feel as if you are walking around the North Pole. They are mostly large snow plains with here and there destroyed buildings that are snowed in. You also have to deal with snow storms. In these blizzards you are pretty deprived of sight and you can sometimes be surprised by opponents or by abysses into which you can fall. It's not the prettiest planet in Destiny 2, but it's certainly not the ugliest either.


While we still have plenty to do in Beyond Light, at least we're happy with what we got from Bungie. The new light level again provides enough grind work to keep you occupied for hours with Destiny 2. Stasis, the new power, feels great in the PVE environment with new utility to make use of. In PVP we expect at least some balancing. It is extremely frustrating to be frozen in various ways only to be shot like a sitting duck. Unfortunately we can't say anything about the new Raid that will be released in four days. Europe, the new planet, to which you are traveling looks great and is sometimes really annoying to move through with the snow storms. Nevertheless, the planet looks fine as we are used to from Bungie.The new Destiny 2 DLC is finally one that I can fully enjoy. My attention is completely back on the game, and the hours are ticking again.


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