Review: Command & Conquer Remastered Collection

Remaster here, remaster there, more and more classics are getting a remaster over them. Unfortunately, we sometimes see a remaster that completely kills a classic, I'm looking at you Blizzard. EA is also releasing a remaster of the game Command & Conquer. On the one hand we were excited for the remaster but on the other hand we were also hesitant. But luckily we can be happy with the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection. Finally another RTS remaster worth playing and buying.

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection brings back the nostalgia for older gamers in the right way. EA has handled this remaster well by using several members of the original Westwood Studios team at Petroglyph. And this is reflected in the game. The game is authentic to its original but also upgraded for the current generation of gamers. Gamers who have only heard of the legendary Command & Conquer can now get started with the upgraded version of Command & Conquer for a small fee of $19.99 . In the collection you get the Tiberian Dawn version, Red Alert and the three expansion packs: Covert Ops, Counterstrike and The Aftermath. A lot of content for little.

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Gameplay

The remaster immediately starts well with a nice intro movie in which the old system is upgraded to a new modern system. Slowly the pixels disappear and a beautiful picture appears. And then it's a matter of starting a campaign, going online or playing a skirmish. When Command & Conquer Remastered Collection is played for the first time, you immediately get used to the old controls from the past. Fortunately, you can choose a somewhat more modern control in the settings. This one is just a bit nicer than the classic settings. You would almost think, how did we keep up with those settings in the past.

In addition to switching the settings, you can also switch with the graphics of the game. By simply pressing the spacebar you can switch in Command & Conquer Remastered Collection between Full HD/4K and the original look from 25 years ago. It's a nice feature to compare what gaming used to look like and what it looks like today. The well-known movies in advance in the campaign mode have also had an upscaling. Despite this, the videos still look quite old. But that doesn't matter at all to me. It gives a pleasant nostalgic feeling when you see the old images again.

content overload

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection, as mentioned, offers a lot of content. In addition to the two first versions of the game, Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert, there are also three expansion packs. In the bonus gallery you can find over four hours of footage and over seven hours of remastered music. 20 of those music tracks have been re-recorded by original composer Frank Klepacki and the Tiberian Sons. In addition, there are also a number of unreleased tracks. Kia Huntzinger the voice behind EVA has also contributed by re-recording her lyrics.

Are you a bit done with destroying your opponents and you have seen all the maps, then you can also choose to make your own maps. With the map creator you can create your own map according to your own taste. You can then share this with other gamers who also have the game. If you want to have mods for the game, they are easy to add with Mod Support. With the Jukebox you can create your own playlists with the tracks you want to hear. With the Replays and Observer mode you can review your games and quietly review your tactical moves that you have made. Or you can look back at where you went wrong against your opponent. In short, for 20 euros you get a lot.


Finally we got another good RTS remaster. EA has done a good job with one of the most famous RTS classics. Command & Conquer Remastered Collection offers a lot of content for a small amount of money. Two base games and three expansion packs provide hours of nostalgia trip for the older gamer. But also for the younger gamers this is a great remaster to get acquainted with the well-known RTS game for the first time. The graphics look good and the upscaling of videos retains its nostalgic value. In fairly simple ways you can switch between the classic graphics and the modern Full-HD/4K graphics. In terms of gameplay, you can quickly and easily switch between the original controls and the more modern way of playing.In short, the child in me who used to play on a Pentium II PC war is very satisfied with the remake that the adult can appreciate.

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