Review: Chocobo's mystery dungeon every buddy

Just as colorful and lively as we are used to from the Final Fantasy series, Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy returns. A remake of the title that came out on Wii about ten years ago. The weird bird-like creature we know from the main games will go on an adventure of its own this time.

Square Enix has already released some spin-off titles based on Chocobo, but this was one of the biggest to hit the Wii in 2008. Ten years later, we're back to work with this title, this time called Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy. The question is therefore whether this game still brings quality ten years later.
The answer to that is a simple yes. Chocobo's mystery dungeon is a simple RPG that will entertain you for hours with endless dungeons and will therefore provide a lot of recognition due to the many Final Fantasy characters and themes that come back in the game.
Of course the game is also a good game for non Final Fantasy fans. For example, I am not a Final Fantasy fan myself and I am only familiar with the Mystery Dungeon element through the Pokemon games. That also ensured that I went into the game with an almost biased attitude.
"This isn't going to get any better than Pokemon," I said to my girlfriend as the happy sounds of the game kicked in and I first encountered the different types of Chocobos on the title screen.
"It's nice, isn't it?" she asked triumphantly 3 hours later. And I have to admit. Yes, the game knows how to entertain. In addition to the main story, there are quite a few dungeons that you will explore. Of course it also contains a lot of different items, enemies and boss fights. While this is essentially a game where you'll have to grind, it never felt that way.

Level? Job level? buddy level?

The game uses a smart level system in which you can increase your job level as well as your buddy level. As your job level increases, you will be able to use new attacks and new skills. When you beat enough points from a certain enemy, you can add this enemy to your team. Unlike the Pokemon games, you can only change your team outside of a dungeon. It is therefore not the case that you can quickly put together a team for a boss fight. And that also adds a strategic element. You will have to look carefully at who you are bringing, what the equipped items will be and of course what other items you will bring.
Although the gameplay may eventually get boring due to a lot of repetition, I still managed to enjoy myself during the hours I put into the game. Besides the dungeons there are also plenty of things to do. This way you go outside the dungeons in a cute town where there are also many colorful NPCs to entertain you.

The story

Although the story largely passed me by and I usually skip the cutscenes anyway, I do understand the setup of the game because you regularly have to deal with impressive events, which made me interested in the story again. Cid, your treasure hunter partner, and you, a cute chick-like creature, are looking for a temple in the depths of a desert. Of course, your rival and associated Chocobo have already found the treasure. After a magical explosion, you come to a town called Lostime.

Lostime has a clocktower in the middle of the city with a bell that magically wipes away the memories of the inhabitants of the city. You yourself will have the powers to recognize the dungeons in the minds of these people in order to restore their memory. Cid also helps you to explore the secrets of Lostime and eventually return to the real world.

Simple gameplay

Those who are familiar with the gameplay of Mystery Dungeon games will already know this, but here's a short explanation. It's not a standard JRPG, but more of a turn based RPG. Dungeons are arranged in a grid-like pattern. Every time you take a step, all other life in the dungeon will also take a step. So you will have to think strategically. If an enemy is 2 tiles away from you and you take the first step, the enemy will be the first to attack. Chocobo does not work on an empty stomach. So you will also have to think about this in the long term. The dungeons will be fairly short at first but get longer as you progress. Chocobo has a hunger meter that goes a little lower with each step. When it is empty, you will lose HP. So make sure to keep an eye on not only your HP and your SP, but also your hunger meter.

In addition, the different traps and enemies in the game will make it a bit more difficult with the different ailments and debuffs that they have at their disposal. Poison, haste, cure, hunger, it could be anything. So also traps that help your Chocobo.

In summary

To sum it up, this is a simple grindy game that will keep you entertained for quite a few hours. However, don't expect too much because the game really is grindy. Don't play it with expectations of a deep story and complex battle system. This is a game that really has to appeal to you.
Don't expect great graphics either. This is and remains a remake. The presentation of the game shows this every now and then in the textures. Still, the game manages to perform well and Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy stays around 60FPS for almost the entire game. The cute, colorful world of the game really doesn't have to rely on high-detail. The accompanying soundtrack is full of uplifting, but sometimes serious, sounding tracks that fit the game perfectly. These will remain in your head for a long time.

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