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Catherine Full Body is an updated version of the 2011 original. However, anyone expecting a simple remaster is wrong. According to Atlus, the social and political climate in 2011 did not allow some topics to be discussed in the game. That's different now. That is why there is a new character, and also a whole new branch in the story.

Catherine Full Body remains pretty much the same in gameplay. The structure of the game remains mostly the same. You will have to climb your way to the top of a collapsing tower made up of blocks. Why? Easy. The whole thing takes place in your nightmares. If your character dies in his dream, he is also a thing of the past in the physical world.


You once again assume the role of Vincent. Vincent is not a very remarkable character and that is perhaps the intention. The players must be able to put themselves in Vincent's problems. Hopefully we don't do that too much. Vincent is in fact a man in his 30s who has gotten himself into a lot of trouble. He has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Katherine. Until one day he is approached and wakes up next day next to Catherine. Yes, with a C. Catherine does not see it as a one night stand but as a declaration of love. Vincent is no longer able to shake her off.
That's where Catherine's full body still matches the story in the original game. In this new version, however, a new character will be added. In a scene where she is being chased, we get to know Rin. Rin is a young lady who has lost her memory and is rescued by Vincent. Since she doesn't know who she is or where she comes from, Vincent gets her a job at the Stray Sheep, the bar where Vincent and his friends can be found every day. Rin comes to live next door to Vincent. From there everything gets out of hand. Vincent faces a lot of choices that will have a major impact on his life.Does he end the affair with Catherine and ultimately choose to stay with Katherine? To marry her? Or does Vincent choose to go through life as a single? Would he perhaps leave his old flame behind for the new Catherine who looks like his ideal wife? Could he be discovering feelings for the innocent and much calmer Rin?

You as a player will have to choose which way the story goes on the basis of a number of options and questions. That is not always so clear. What choices and how these choices affect the story and where you have the opportunity to go in a different direction are not assigned to you. So you will have to choose yourself. That is often the hardest part of the game. Do you pick the answers you think are correct or are you simply honest? You will have to play through the game several times to experiment with the options and different storylines.
This makes the story a lot more complex as there are a lot of new choices and also a number of new endings. Anyone who thinks this is a simple puzzle game is wrong.


Between puzzle levels you will have to focus on interacting with people around you and you will be confronted with a lot of choices and questions that have a major impact on the lives of others, as well as the direction of the story. The gameplay is mixed well and this is where Catherine Full Body draws her strength from. This is a unique game with unique story elements.
It really isn't a game that you play through once. After the credits, you'll most likely start over right away to explore the other endings. So these are very different.
However, the game contains a lot of cutscenes. If you're waiting for an action-packed game, this is not the place to be. It really is a story at first.
Those who have had enough of that story can get started with the multiplayer in Catherine Full Body. This is in fact much more present than before. Players can compete in couch co-op mode in the Colosseum or in the Online Arena (both alone and in co-op) against other players. In addition,
Catherine Full Body is perhaps best described as an interactive animation. You can finish the game in about two days, but that doesn't mean you've had the full experience given the many endings. In addition to the main story line, the people (who you see in your dreams as sheep) around you also suffer from nightmares and they all have their own problems and stories. Your choices will also determine their fate.


The game is still just as difficult as the original but luckily comes with the safety mode. Players who are not ready for the frenzy of Catherine Full Body will still be able to experience the story. However, you'll find that this is a game that tests your thinking skills and also ensures that you get better quickly. And that feels good. In addition, the story tests your views and asks a number of critical questions that will also make you think. The game is also packed with a lot of quotes, trivia and other little things that are fun to pick up.
The addition of Rin sometimes feels a bit over the top but in the end it works out well. The ability to choose a whole new path for Vincent also makes you as a player think about the limits, problems and benefits of love, marriage and life itself.

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