Review: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Mario's little friend Toad is back with a new game and adventure. Captian Toad sets out again in search of the gold stars and diamonds. Together with his girlfriend Toadette, they are ready to walk through the various puzzles again. How entertaining is this new game: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker? We played the game on the Nintendo Switch version.


During the first level, we see Captain Toad and Toadette chasing a gold star. But unfortunately for the pair, Wingo steals the found star. Toadette is then smart enough to hold on to the star. Together they disappear on the horizon, leaving Captain Toad behind. Captain Toad doesn't let this pass him by and he goes looking for Toadette and the star. The story takes you through a number of levels that are like puzzles. Between the levels we see short movies with an update of the story. But the story is not the main feature of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Especially since the story is not very interesting and long.
The game mainly revolves around the puzzle element. Each level is built up like a puzzle. By means of various actions that you can do, the level changes so that you can get to different places. For example, you can make objects move to get higher, or to enter somewhere. You can also turn pieces of the level to get to the other side. To make it more difficult, there are regular enemies that try to stop you.


In addition to finding diamonds and the gold star, each level has some additional goals. Each level has an explicit goal such as: get x amount of coins, defeat all shy guys or find the golden mushroom. But every level also gets a hide and seek game after you've completed it. You can enter a pixelated Toad into the level. Your goal then becomes to search the level for the pixelated Toad. When you have found it, click on it and you have won.
The interesting thing about this game is, you can actually play the game in different ways. The essence remains the same, but the game still feels different. On the Nintendo Switch you can play the game as a handheld, on the TV and together with a friend. In handheld mode you can use the touch screen and the motion controls. In some levels you can throw/shoot with turnips. You can then aim with the joysticks but also with the Switch motion. With the touch screen you can make various objects move and rotate. These are fun and work well additions to the gameplay.

When you place the Nintendo Switch in its docking bay and you play on your TV, the gameplay changes partially. Instead of having a touch screen, you now have a pointer that you can control with the motion of your joy cons or Switch controller. With that pointer you can do the same options as on the touch screen, but it still feels like a different way of playing. You can also briefly paralyze enemies with the pointer. You control the pointer through the motion option that is incorporated in the controllers.
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker can also be played with two people. When you play the game together, one controls Captain Toad and the other controls the pointer. For the player who controls Captain Toad, not much changes. The person operating the pointer does get a bit more options than when you play the game alone. You can also shoot extra turnips with the pointer. With this you can, for example, collect coins or shoot enemies. The game becomes considerably easier when you play it together. This makes the game a lot more fun to play with children, for example. As long as you are the pointer yourself, you can help and guide your child through all puzzle levels.


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a fun and entertaining puzzle game. The diversity of puzzles is well present. The further you go, the more challenging the puzzles become. There is also a good replay value in the game. You can play each level again, where you can look for a pixelated Toad. Also, each level has a specific goal, which you don't achieve immediately every time. The game is easy to play for younger players. Because you can play together, you would be able to play the game with your child, nephew or niece.
Because you can play on the Switch in several ways, it makes this game even more fun. Nintendo has again done its best to use as much of the Switch as possible. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is highly recommended for anyone who likes casual puzzle games. In addition to the Nintendo Switch version, you can also play the game on the Nintendo 3DS.


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