Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Finally we got an old trusted Call of Duty again. With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Activision is going back to its roots. Simple military combat without all those weird futuristic frills. Something that has been called for by the game's loyal fan base for years. The game is now a week old and we have played the game extensively for you. You can find our findings today in our review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Did we miss Captain Price? Yes certainly. As soon as Captain Price came into the picture during the Call of Duty Modern Warfare campaign, the kid in me jumped out of his seat. As a teenager, I spent hours sympathizing with Captain Price's adventures in the original Modern Warfare series. At the time, I also totally disagreed that Captain Price had left the game. However, he is now back and how. The story is told at a fast pace and we fight and meet Captain Price for the mission. We begin the story with the search for chemical weapons that would be in the hands of the terrorists. However, this appears to be in the hands of the Russians. Unfortunately your mission fails and the chemical weapons end up in the hands of terrorists.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the campaign mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. For example, many players think that the Russians are placed in a very bad light. The game feels very patriotic. America is number one and all. But we don't quite agree with that. When you think about the story longer, you notice that you are mainly fighting the terrorists. Something that was also the case in the previous Modern Warfare games. For example, the game is heavily reviewed on Metacritic. Unfair in my opinion. The story and way of playing gives me back the old familiar feeling. It's like I'm back in Modern Warfare 2 again.


Multiplayer is an ambiguous concept. On the one hand they are taking on a new management, but on the other hand it remains the good old Call of Duty. You could almost say an identity crisis. The game wants to switch to a slightly more tactical way of playing but, on the other hand, keeps that fast flow on some maps. There's nothing wrong with that per se, but it does spark discussions on Reddit. We ourselves had to get into some games for a while, but once you're in the flow, the multiplayer plays away nicely, especially if you want to pop a few games!
There are tons of weapons and skins to unlock through leveling up and completing challenges. Besides that, each weapon can have dozens of attachments. Normally there are always specific scopes or barrels that are some kind of meta and that everyone uses. Fortunately, I notice that this is a bit better distributed in Modern Warfare. When you play you notice that everyone customizes their own weapons differently. This also makes for a better progression system in the game. You have a lot more to unlock and that also gives some satisfaction compared to unlocking up to three scopes or something.
In terms of maps, my opinion is a bit divided. There are many good maps and there is enough variation between large, small, open or closed. However, there's also a map in London that feels pretty broken and where spawn kill can be used against you way too easily. Besides that, there is quite a bit of variation and you notice that players are already starting to understand how the maps should be played. You can also unlock operators, which doesn't immediately add much depth, but is nice for some extra variation.

Ground War, on the other hand, still has its problems. There are two large maps to play, the familiar one from the beta and a new one with apartment buildings and all the trimmings. You notice that killstreaks are still a problem, given that they are used way too often, which sometimes makes it too chaotic. Also the tanks are way too strong and you can shoot a little faster than I would like. Besides that, they handle these game modes well. Gun Fight, the 2v2 mode, is a relief and this game mode plays nicely. What is also striking is the amount of modes that are available. There is plenty to play for every kind of fps fan.
All in all, the multiplayer is done fantastically and the problems that exist can be solved through player feedback to the developers. This, of course, provided the developers do something with it, which we do assume. You really get that old Call of Duty feeling here, which is refreshing where necessary! Will we see you online?

CPU and Discord Issues

Something that Malvin and Ellen from our editors have encountered, as well as many other people, is the CPU problems. Your CPU will be 100% used by the game after startup, so you can no longer understand each other in Discord. This issue can be resolved by setting the game priority to normal, but it shouldn't and should have been resolved already. Many people suffer from this problem and for some Xbox players even the entire Xbox crashes. This could have been better in my opinion.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a great game that goes back to its roots. When playing the campaign, the game feels like we've never been away from the previous Modern Warfare parts. Although there is a controversy surrounding the story, I personally think it is not that bad. After all, you're fighting terrorists and their nationality shouldn't matter that much. Graphically, the game looks good and there is little to complain about. The direction Activision has chosen by going back is a successful move and meets the needs of the fan base.

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