Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

Call of Duty Modern Warfare. I don't think I need to explain to anyone on this face of the earth what this is. I also think most of you know that about 11 years ago a game called Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 caused a lot of commotion. Not only among the enthusiastic gamers, but the whole world was turned upside down by a video game.

That same game from 11 years ago is back. At least part of that game. Because when it comes to Call of Duty, Activision goes out of their way to confuse their fans in one way or another. In about a year and a half we have been able to embrace several Call of Duty experiences, but if you don't follow the lesson to the studs, you might be in for a surprise.
For example, Black Ops 4 did not have a single player campaign, but did have a Battle Royale mode. Does Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, so not Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, have a single player campaign, but also a Battle Royale mode. It is also free to play for everyone. So you don't need Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to play the Battle Royale (Warzone) version, but you do need Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 to play that game's Battle Royale (Blackout). And now: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered. A Call of Duty title without multiplayer. Are we back to class? Then we can move on!

Looking back

The 2009 Modern Warfare 2 title was released too. The favorite topic of politics to relate violence to video games was once again publicized. At least in America. In the Netherlands it mainly stayed with the "Oeh that's rude. Do I want my adolescent child to play this on his Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?" We did anyway because we didn't go to the night opening for nothing to blast Team Deathmatch on Terminal all night, right? Coincidentally, the first 2 hours of gym are canceled tomorrow. I honestly haven't had a classmate forge my mom's signature on a slip of my gym class cancellation due to a sprained ankle the day before.
What I'm saying with this is that Modern Warfare 2 is deep. And not just with me. A piece of nostalgia with a lot of value. Arriving here is therefore a bold move by Activision. The Modern Warfare series is one of the reasons Call of Duty is still a relevant franchise to this day. Although not as booming as it used to be, it is still one of the major players in the industry. One hell of a game and a pedestal. After many rumors, Modern Warfare 2 Remastered suddenly appears on the Playstation Store. But.. There is a catch. There is no multiplayer. And that's one of the reasons Modern Warfare 2 was such an incredible success.
Understandable on the one hand. A multiplayer mode in the Modern Warfare 2 remastered would allow for even more division of the player base. Modern Warfare, Warzone and Modern Warfare 2. The distribution would not be equal 33% per part, but Modern Warfare and Warzone are currently the drivers. Also in terms of income. Battle Passes are part of Warzone and Modern Warfare. So Activision, we understand the choice. But we are not very happy with it.
Favela Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

Stay Frosty

Now it's not just the multiplayer that makes Modern Warfare 2 one hell of a game. The single player campaign is one of the best single player campaigns in a Call of Duty game today. Even one of the best single player campaigns in the First Person Shooter scene. And this one looks very good in the 2020 remaster. The game from the former Infinity Ward lineup has been completely polished up by Beenox. We already know that Beenox is more than capable of taking on a loving project like this .
It is also far from a 'lazy' remaster. Not only higher resolutions and better lighting, but the entire game has been completely adapted from front to back to today's standards. Characters have been given a completely new look. Cutscenes have been redesigned from the ground up and look more breathtaking than ever before. The game still targets 60fps and in the previously tight scenes, this target is met neatly. Depth of field is deeper, more detailed so that the whole picture has a horrifying vibe. Old assets have been replaced with new assets to give the world of Modern Warfare 2 even more detail than 11 years ago. Although it is not a remake, it has been remastered with the attention of a remake for an optimal modern image of an old classic.

Old VS Remaster


You take on the role of various characters in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign. In most cases, you play a rookie on the battlefield, following one or more iconic Modern Warfare characters through compactly structured and highly cinematic missions. You'll always be playing the uncut version of Modern Warfare 2. This means that the highly controversial 'No Russian' mission has been given the same treatment as the rest of the game. The Call of Duty franchise has always been known for its mild propaganda. America is good, Russia bad. That's also the great vibe that Modern Warfare 2 gives off as you chase a Russian criminal to end the war. America is completely in ruins. You fight your way through, for example, a burning version of Washington DC, including the well-known landmarks.There is also a battlefield around a fast food chain. You also travel to other countries and locations, such as Afghanistan, Rio and Russia. Sometimes in big battles, sometimes in smaller more specialized missions. Either way, you're in the middle of some retevette action any moment.
Modern Warfare 2 Remastered


Modern Warfare 2 has never looked better than it does now. Because of the very clever work of Beenox you play through the most fantastic Call of Duty campaign ever made, but then fully adapted to today's standards. The smaller adjustments around you give the world more character and provide an overall unprecedented campaign experience. The gameplay has remained rock solid and timeless and this still feels fantastic after 11 years.
The big caveat is that much of the Modern Warfare 2 experience is missing. No Spec Ops and no Multiplayer. This makes the current price of €24.99 slightly on the high side. After all, you have completed the campaign in a few hours. But especially if you somehow had to miss Modern Warfare 2, this version of the campaign is highly recommended. Hopefully in the future we'll get a multiplayer mode that is faithful to the original, but made with the same love as the remaster of the campaign.

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