Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

It is now a true tradition, a Battlefield and a Call of Duty title, every year in the fall. Activision comes with a new Black Ops title this time and that's what we're going to talk about today!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a COD like no other, at least it seems that way. The game comes without a story, or yes, approximately. However, to compensate for this, the title this time comes with three major modes; Zombies, Multiplayer and Battle Royale. Even though the game doesn't tell a story, there are still ways for the story players among us to enjoy little nuances. Check out the launch trailer here first!



Let's start with what Call of Duty is known for, fast-paced multiplayer. This time again with all the familiar modes, including Capture The Flag, Team Deathmatch and Free For All. However, there is now the Control mode. This is a more hardcore version of Domination. The intention is to take over points, which are divided into three brackets. If you take over these points until the brackets are filled, your team wins! However, you can also live out the defenders' lives until the number is zero. The other way around, of course! The only thing that might annoy me a bit in his moments is the spawn spawn. They will definitely do something about this.
The multiplayer feels smoother than ever, looks better than ever and also brings a lot of old familiar maps. These maps come from older Black Ops parts and have been modified to fit this part. Since this fourth part does not contain any weird wall-runs and rocket-boots, there is also a lot more balance. After a lot of disappointments in recent years, with this first selling point it immediately seems that Call of Duty is starting to take itself seriously again! Before we get into the zombies, let me pick up one important point!
The TTK (Time To Kill) has finally been screwed up again! As if taking out weird flying soldiers wasn't enough balance, you're not killed instantly in one shot. Killing enemies is a lot more challenging, but getting killed also takes a little longer. This also requires more skill from the player. Besides this, it is also possible to heal yourself, this can be done every few seconds and has a fairly short cooldown. This is again a super nice addition.


ah, good old zombie fashion. Also this one with its nice upgrades. You have several maps to play, each with its own lore (backstory) and difficulty. Zombies are always fun to play with friends and get more challenging with the round. The craziness we are used to has once again returned.
Voyage of Despair  is set in a doomed Titanic during a heist gone wrong. You and your teammates have to clear a path to the deepest bottom of the ship. This includes swimming in icy water to open gates or unlock perks.  The Bizarre IX mixed zombies with Roman soldiers who can hold a fairly large axe. You start in a colosseum and make your way through four towers based on gods/goddesses and a dungeon full of cool architecture. The craziness in this map is on another level and through this for me a certain spotlight shines on this one.
Blood of the Dead  is set in Alcatraz, where the zombies spawn inside and out. There are also the rounds with dogs, known from several Call of Duty titles. There are even crazier modes within the category, all with their own uniqueness. The third and final category is  Blackout . Before we talk about this, let's talk about the weapons first!

Weapons, Smooth AF

The weapons in Black Ops 4 feel nice, each weapon has its own feel and a small learning curve. All in all, the weapons are easy to master. The number of weapons is perhaps a little on the low side. But, quality over quantity, right? Weapons are unlocked through levels. You can unlock skins through challenges and unlock accessories for your weapons by leveling up the weapons. The more you play the same weapon, the more additions you will unlock for it.

Black out

Now the fashion that came a bit unexpected for most. Blackout is the Battle Royale mode for Black Ops 4. I'll admit I was a bit skeptical at first, until I could actually play. In the beta, the performance seemed a bit 'off'. Nothing turned out to be less true when the review came in. The large folder runs great on my PC.
In short, in Blackout you are pushed into a large map with a lot of people with only one goal; Last remaining. Since you land empty-handed, you'll have to find your own weapons and resources. After you've found your shizzle, it's time for: MURDER! Players who are used to PUBG are also used to waiting, running, waiting some more and running some more. In Blackout it is almost always chaos. If you can't find a weapon in five seconds, go stand in an open field and sing the national anthem, because you'll be heading a bullet pretty quickly.
That the fashion is actually challenging and chaotic is only good! This sets Blackout apart from the others and perhaps also from the upcoming Battlefield V Royale. Finding and picking up weapons is smoother than I was used to, which immediately surprised me. Also the fact that your weapons are loaded on the ground in front of you is super nice and makes it fairer if someone else already has a weapon and runs into your room, while you just find one.
The map is large, but also beautiful. I will discuss this further in the graphics section. There are plenty of different weapons and accessories to find, including perks. Once you find a perk and activate it, it will be available to your soldier for a limited period of time. All in all; Blackout feels much better than I could ever expect and this fashion will keep me busy for a while. It is also possible to unlock cosmetics by leveling up, but you can only level up if you actually get kills, so start shooting, you wimp!

The rest

Starting with graphics. Black Ops 4 looks phenomenal, but still maintains a steady frame rate, since the game is also made to be played mainly on PC. We played the game on both PC and PS4 and were impressed with the graphics and performance on both platforms. The Blackout map, for example, looks great despite its size. There are many buildings and all these buildings have enough windows to shoot out or through.
Weapons sound like we are used to from Call of Duty and there is nothing wrong with that. There is no campaign available, but there is the possibility to play short storylines for all Operators. These give some more background story and should compensate for the single-player. Although I would have preferred a campaign, I have to say that the quality of all multiplayer modes is so high, that I forgot that I had to deal with this myself in my review! So while it doesn't make up for an actual storyline, the rest of the modes do enough to take the game to the next level.


For the first time in years I can say it; YES! Black Ops 4 is the game that puts Call of Duty back on my 'wanted' list. The developers have listened to the community, although unfortunately it took some ex-fans a bit long and it will be difficult to drag these people back into the franchise. All multiplayer modes feel like a separate title, as if you can play three different games. That alone proves how much effort has gone into bringing a good COD. This time I can definitely recommend the title, also for the ex-players!

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