Review: Boundless

Boundless, the new game from Wonderstuck where you can create your own story. A game that is sometimes reminiscent of Minecraft, but is so much more. But it still gave me a nostalgic feeling. In the game you can be an explorer, build impressive creations, network, roam or trade with fellow players. As the name suggests, limitless play in one of the many worlds in the universe. Develop your own storyline, start out as a half-naked homeless alien and see where the game takes you! 

Appearance of the game

The look of the game Boundless is simple and easy to handle. It has, if you are on the right planet, a colorful environment. You have several trees and also some plates that you can collect. The further away you look, the simpler the view becomes. Walk somewhere and watch your game slowly sharpen the environment and reveal details (your computer will love this too, trust me). Scraping up resources works like some other similar games. You ram it until it's broken, then it moves to your inventory. The same goes for animals, you run up to them and start hitting them aggressively with your totem, an item you receive at the start of the game. Or if you are further in the game a sword or something similar.

Still, not everything about the game is simple in graphics. There are beautiful planets to see when it gets dark in the game, these are planets that you can also go to. I had to say, I was impressed! But also underwater or walking around on plains, small fireflies or twinkles in the water made the game a bit magical. Also, the developers have invested well in the game's music. I was pleasantly surprised by good music that matched the game!
Your first house is primitive. You don't know all aspects of the game yet. Gradually you get the hang of putting the blocks to your liking. You can also make your blocks slant in the game, no more monotonous, square houses! It will take some time to gather resources, but it will give you time to think about how to expand or improve your home.

The beginning of your character

You can develop your own character that you can play in-game! You create some kind of alien race, very creative! When the game starts you will receive an explanation from an NPC in the lobby, here you will receive your first totem and you can teleport to your first world. The tutorial is long, and not always clear. Fortunately, the game gives you tips time and time again, so you can learn them slowly. The game gives you the option to learn a tip, it will not reappear in your game.
You maneuver through a portal to your chosen spot on the starting planet. I chose an inhabited part of the world so that I could look at structures and other online players. Next, you have to choose a piece of land where you will build a new dream home for yourself. Whether you do this in a city, near special monuments in the game or in a remote place, in the air, on the water, it's all up to you. It starts with making a campfire, and so you build on to a place where you feel at home, the possibilities are endless! How to make your land uncultivable for other players was a bit of a puzzle. Just like cooking and consuming the food, I only died a few times, food is something to figure out. But once you can roughly survive you can start exploring.

When you play the game you have a lot of assignments. If you do this you get XP, you can also earn this by collecting resources or killing animals. By getting XP you can level up, with each level you get a kind of loot box. This includes in-game money, more XP, extra resources or points. You can use these points to develop character traits of your doll. For example, you can add extra life, make you run faster and more. This makes playing fun! And don't worry, if you die you will keep all your XP and points.


The game is online, so get your friends together to live together on a planet of your choice! With many available worlds and not very many players yet, it is a bit of a search for social contacts. But now that the game is over, many people will soon be joining and the cities will be buzzing with fellow aliens. Opt for a peaceful get-together and open your own shop. The game lets you trade goods for rock hard (in-game) cash, what more could you want? Just like walking into the supermarket. Or start your own clan, ready to take down enemies and newbies. You set the limit!
In the game you can chat with each other. Press enter and you can let your fellow players know who you are. Can't express yourself enough with typing? Then use the in-game expressions to reinforce your story. It would be nice if there was also voice chat, then you can, for example, announce your new market stall offers on Saturday morning.


A game that made me feel slightly nostalgic, a refreshing new look and a familiar way of playing. A fun way to spend time with your friends or get to know new players. I can certainly believe that people can have hours of fun with this! The tutorial is a bit difficult and sometimes a challenge, I ran into this. But luckily after a while I knew roughly how my house remained mine and would not disappear and that you have to prepare food in a cooking pot. The different worlds are also a lot of fun. Not all worlds are equally peaceful, there are also planets without oxygen. This makes it challenging to explore!
There is also a possibility to spend real money on the game. Fortunately, it is not necessary to spend money to make a better game for yourself. You can pay to join the special community, here you have some little extras or you can buy boxes with resources. Luckily no levels or points to boost your properties.


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