Review: Borderlands Game of the Year Edition

Borderlands first appeared in 2009. That was ten years ago. A lot has happened in ten years, but in Borderlands everything has stayed the same, and that's a good thing. This game really doesn't need a remaster at all.

Thanks to its unique artstyle and gameplay mechanics that are still used today, Borderlands is a timeless game. The Looter shooter genre has been able to learn a lot from Gearbox and because the genre itself is not innovative, this 10-year-old game still plays as well as you can remember. At least that's how you can remember it. Since the game is already 10 years old, there are probably many modern gamers who have never experienced a Borderlands game.
If so, the Game of the Year Edition of the first installment in the franchise offers everything you need to fall in love with it. Lots of loot, dry humor, challenging shoot-outs and a semi-open world.

Pandora in 4K

In Borderlands you are on the planet called Pandora. It's up to you to choose one of four playable Vault Hunters. Each of these characters has their own specialties. Here, Gearbox offers you the opportunity to choose a playstyle that best suits your personal preference. It also offers that kind of replayability if you've already gone through the game on a certain character.
You are a Vault Hunter and that means you are looking for a Vault. What exactly is such a Vault? Nobody knows that at all, but it contains treasures that will make you very rich. You learn that such a Vault is hidden somewhere on Pandora. It's up to you to investigate. Once you have arrived in Pandora, you will be dropped off at the bus stop by the bus, after which your first adventure into the world of Borderlands will begin. Thank you Bus Driver.
You will be greeted by a little robot called; CL4P-TP. You can also call him Claptrap. This little robot is your guide through Pandora and you will regularly encounter on your journey where he needs to exhibit his unprecedented dance moves.

Gameplay and play style

Borderlands is one of the first games to offer hugely diverse playstyles for its time. Partly thanks to the different characters, but also because of upgrade trees and the many different types of weapons. How you approach a particular encounter is completely up to you. Do you go into battle with guns blazing, or do you take it easy with a sniper? Are you focused on your rate of fire, or do you opt for some extra life points?
The choices you make will have a direct impact on how you will play Borderlands. The impact is not so great that you are bound to one particular style as soon as you work in that direction. This allows you to constantly switch between playing styles to find out what suits you best, or what is most effective for a particular encounter.

The freedom in this franchise is therefore something that is welcomed with open arms. Although the world is not completely open, but you make your way piece by piece through the open areas, you feel enormously free. The quest system also greatly helps to stimulate this feeling.
The quests in Borderlands can vary a lot from each other in some ways, but when it comes down to it you basically just keep mowing down bad guys with all your cool weapons and gadgets. You can perform the quests at your own pace and they can consist of quests that are directly connected to the story, but also separate quests for extra XP or extra loot.

Looking for the limit

Borderlands is a game that still manages to hold its own after 10 years thanks to all the above elements. Visually, the game hasn't improved much, but it doesn't have to be. Even the 10-year-old game still looks very good due to the unique artstyle used in this franchise. The higher resolution textures provide a visual image that you wouldn't say the original is already 10 years old. It might as well have been a game from 2 years ago, or yesterday.
The game includes all DLC so you don't have to miss anything from the original story. You can even export and import your save files from your original gamein the Game of the Year Edition. Do you have several brothers or sisters? You can also play the game in co-op with up to 4 players. There are very few games with old-fashioned couch co-op these days. That said, Borderlands Game of the Year Edition is the ultimate springtime game. Now is the perfect time for new and returning players to get ready for Borderlands 3, which will launch later this year.

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