Review: Blood and Truth

Blood and Truth is Sony's latest Playstation VR exclusive. The game is developed by London Studios, also known for the London Heist minigame on Playstation VR Worlds. Is this full version of the London Heist worth it? Let's find out!

Over the top action movies are one thing Hollywood loves. Crazy shooting scenes, two-sided chases and arch-rivals who don't give each other the light in the eyes. I just described the most clichéd action movie, but all of these things apply to Blood and Truth as well. Honestly, that's not a bad sign at all this time.
Playstation VR Worlds launched with a handful of mini-games that introduced you to the world of VR gaming. What are the functionalities and what have we already managed to develop? A certain minigame was very well liked, but was much too short. London Heist. Rightly so, VR players wanted more of this kind of action and it looks like Sony has fulfilled that wish.

British violence

Blood & Truth is set in the present. You take on the role of Ryan, an ex-serviceman. It is your job to save your family, as expected, this will not go without a fight. From the first minute you are already in the heat of the battle. During firefights you have several options to take out your enemies. First, you have different types of firearms at your disposal. You start with a simple hand pistol, but soon you expand to double pistols, to machine guns and eventually even a grenade launcher.
It doesn't matter how often you use a particular gun, it's always a good feeling when you put a bullet through the pan. For the best experience, use two Move controllers to move your hands separately from each other to recreate the most gruesome action scenes. Take out enemies on both sides by shooting your submachine gun at them? Check! Picking up a grenade and throwing it (back) while shooting with your shotgun? Check! Twist your gun around your fingers and pop a headshot instantly? Check, check, double check!
Just keep in mind that you stay within sight of your Playstation camera. Several times I turned and moved too fanatically until the camera no longer saw me or the Move controllers. On one occasion, this event resulted in me dropping a grenade on live because my throw happened off camera. The button to release the grenade registered, but the movement did not. oops.

The full experience in VR

Where we mainly see VR in small games of about 5 hours, this time we see a game that lasts a little longer. You can get through the game in about 8 hours, but it's a completely different experience than Moss , Ghost Giant or, for example, Astro Bot offer in their VR games. This time you are not a strange entity that floats above the playing field to influence the world, but you take on the role of the main character.
It is not yet comparable to an AAA action game. Mainly due to the lack of the locomotion option. The Move controllers lack the iconic analog stick, so you can't roam freely. The middle button on the controller moves you to predefined places in the map. These are carefully conceived and logical, so no flaws. But especially for the immersive feeling, the free movement would have been a lot nicer. Skyrim VR has solved this "problem" in a way. It may not be the best solution, but after all, the choice is up to the player.
Besides the lack of free movement, the game is very well built in the way it is at the moment. The firefights are comparable to, for example, Wii games. Only the tracking has been improved in many ways and you have more freedom in pointing and moving your arms and head. This makes shooting a lot more enjoyable than it was on the Wii. Your agility is put to the test when you're on the run. Enemies come out from behind corners, corridors and barriers to surprise you with sharp lead. In some cases, a slow motion will be used for the cinematic effect. Very cool to blow away a number of enemies in slow motion with a shotgun shot!


Although not the cute factor of the aforementioned VR experiences, Blood and Truth offers a more traditional action movie/game experience and it does that very well. With enough interaction, cool characters and the delicious British altercations, this game provides some action-filled VR hours. The story and the course of it may be very cliché, but I get the impression that this was largely the intention. It seems that cliché action movies are better translated to a VR game than a non-VR game.
The game leaves you with some memorable moments like the chase where you climb a plane taking off. You run through a building where a crane is destroying the entire floor, or where you are free-running through a building with a helicopter chasing you. The constant feeling of tension is there and the gameplay is very well balanced in terms of action scenes and firefights.
Like Astro Bot and Moss, Blood and Truth is a must-have for Playstation VR owners. Your cliché action film is a perfect setting for the VR world, but of course we already saw this in London Heist. London Studios has been aware of this and delivers a full game that really only leaves you wanting more. Fortunately, the game leaves enough interpretation for a consequence.

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