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A game where chaos is central. Bleeding Edge is a game for people who want to go wild in a game. Colours, music, crazy champions, robust maps and total chaos…

In a world where you can improve yourself with mods. This is all possible in the futuristic world of Bleeding Edge. Where are the first people and animals (and things?) made small adjustments to their bodies, a major underworld problem arose where many illegal mods were applied. Meet the vibrant world and immerse yourself in a chaotic game full of crazy, cool and cool characters! We tried the game before but now we could really play!


The gameplay is, in a word, chaotic. But, not in a negative way. The hustle and bustle that splashes out of your screen is precisely what makes the game fun and challenging. If you know and play games like Overwatch and Team Fortress 2, Bleeding Edge will suit you too. You have some eccentric characters to play with. You have the tanks, the supports and the characters that do a lot of damage in a short time. Choose wisely to build up your team strongly, because you also work in teams of four against four. The game has two themed games. Either you have to take a spot with your team and then protect it (looks like King of the Hill), or you have to save certain objects and bring them back to your base (think of Capture the Flag).
Bleeding Edge
The characters also each have their own powers in Bleeding Edge. For example, you can fire bombs with Gizmo and jump very high. Also, Cass lets you do special attacks with your legs or heal players with your powers when playing Zero Cool. At the beginning of the game, when you choose your character you can also choose an ultimate ability. You always have two choices that your character can make when you have played well and you can do your ultimate. You can also save small extras for your characters (mods). This way you can make decks for your character that you adjust yourself and build the way you want. For example by having +7 damage, starting with more HP and having a faster cooldown than other players. You unlock these mods and then you can choose three for your loadout.That reminded me a bit of the Rune pages in League of Legends for example.
Bleeding Edge
You also have the option to ping in the game if, for example, you want to focus players faster or if you want to make something else clear to your team. Also, making combos in combat is a big aspect of Bleeding Edge. It's more extensive than many other games that work with the same basic image. You have to remember a lot and so there are many more options to play in battles. That is very confusing at first. I had to get used to it. That also makes the game more challenging than many other peers and therefore also excels in this. Don't just play a game quietly, but just keep your back straight, your posture good and go with that banana!
I also wanted to mention that the music is really very good. I've gotten stuck at the home screen a few times now because I just wanted to listen to the song. Fortunately, it is on the Bleeding Edge website !
Bleeding Edge


The game reminded me a lot of the Borderlands games. With lots of colors, a post apocalyptic touch, chaos and that characteristic art style, Bleeding Edge is a great looking game. I have to say, the characters and their design is a piece of art of the highest order. How incredibly weird and original they are surprised me. With many games with this concept, it seemed difficult to create new, challenging characters. But, they did it… With a little bit of Mad Max through the Bleeding Edge mix it really makes you laugh when you get to choose characters.
Bleeding Edge
And yes, sometimes the Bleeding Edge game hangs. Or does it stutter even though you have a good PC? Sometimes it took a while for the dialogues to continue and the AI controlled characters went weird. But it is also a game that has just hit the market. This will be patched out soon. Furthermore, I haven't come across any negative or non-working aspects and the game really feels 'finished'.


A game that is fun, chaotic and all over the place. For a humorous game you've come to the right place at Bleeding Edge. Can be played on PC via the Microsoft Store or crank your Xbox One and buy the game there in the store to let go. If you're even quick, you can get the special Punk Pack with your Xbox Game Pass until March 31! I think this game will get a lot of players. Also, more lore stories and fighters will be added over time to play with. My expectation is that there will be a lot of development involved, Bleeding Edge will continue to change and, for example, also come with an extra play mode. Enough not to get bored in any case! I can't really think of any cons. Maybe it's a tough game for some, maybe too chaotic. That could be a drawback for some gamers. The third person camera also takes some getting used to, but I think you will soon master that. Furthermore, the game looks, sounds and plays great. I give it a 9 out of 10 points!
At least I know I'm going to mainen Maeve for a while, because God, that one is weird and fun. Or Cass..?

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