Review: Black Desert Online, on the PS4

Our original review for Black Desert Online talked about what a wonderful game we received from Pearl Abyss. Can the Playstation 4 version match the PC version? This time we won't go into detail about the features of the game, but purely on our impression of the PS4 variant!

Black Desert Online is known as a great MMORPG full of unique and original features. For many, the game is disadvantaged by an overpriced cash shop and an eternal grind for gear, which you have to achieve through heavy RNG. Other than that, BDO is certainly the most beautiful graphically in its genre and the remastered version looks breathtaking. But, these are all familiar aspects. How does the game actually run on console? We know the Xbox version caused mixed reactions, is the Playstation client a better story?


Something Black Desert is known for is having great graphics and extensive character customization. Unfortunately, you notice a big difference in the Playstation version with the remastered UHD version on PC. This shouldn't be a problem, but the textures on this console don't do the game much good. The game itself looks fine, but just lacks that flair that the PC version brings, also for the graphical upgrade. If you've never touched the PC client, luckily this difference won't hit you that hard and the game looks pretty nice. Unfortunately, MMOs on consoles are still a poor concept, but games like The Elder Scrolls Online, Neverwinter and now also BDO are raising the bar. Graphically, so a mixed reaction from us, not bad, but not great either.


Apart from some minor bugs, the game plays nicely on PS4. Pearl Abyss handles the complex combat well by using the Dualshock Controller to its highest potential and there is very little to complain about in this area. The UI could have been a little better, but that is partly forgiven as the game contains an eternal set of menus and features. The community is still very active in this and we hope it will continue to be so.
We were of course at Gamescom this year and we were able to participate in the BDO PS4 launch party. During this party we were the first in the world to hear that several expansions will come to the console version this year. There are no exact dates yet, but the gameplay will improve significantly with the arrival of new features, areas and more! Pearl Abyss wants to make the game more successful than it was on Xbox in the beginning, hopefully they learned from some small mistakes.

The big bad world

Black Desert has an immense world and as we just said it will be expanded at a rapid pace. Fortunately, the game plays smoothly and the performance can certainly be with the big world in mind. The challenge is also more present, as the base game offers a bit more challenge than the game with expansions. All in all, it's a smooth experience with a high fun factor. After hours of playing I didn't even realize it was almost morning and this is a good sign. It took me back to the time when I first got my hands on the PC version. I'm curious how they will tackle the actual desert and elf territory!


We already knew the game, but this PS4 version brings out many good aspects of the PC version. Unfortunately, the game is a tad underpowered by graphics and some game-breaking teething problems. Fortunately, these are all solvable problems and we hope the developers will continue to be active in improving the game. For the price, this title is well worth it, especially if you've been missing an MMO on your console all these years. Will we see you online?

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