Review: Become a dictator in Tropico 6

Tropico 6 is one of the many big RTS titles to be released this year. Today is the day. After a short delay we can finally play dictator of our own tropical area. Are you a peace-loving dictator or do you rule with an iron fist? In Tropico 6 you can be any dictator you want to be. But beware, not every kind of dictator is loved.

Most beloved Presidente, what wonderful first words to hear. With these words you will be greeted by Penultimo. He is your guide and an admirer of you as Presidente. On the basis of a tutorial you will learn the basics of Tropico 6. Building on your islands, keeping your people happy and politics. Everything will be made clear to you in the tutorial. But as a somewhat experienced RTS player, I skip the tutorial and dive straight into the game.


Construction Simulator

Like many RTS games, Tropico 6 is all about building your own civilization. On a sunny tropical island you start with your palace and some starting buildings. Divide your initial population into self-built huts or the more luxurious houses and apartments. We begin our dictatorship by expanding employment. With a range of buildings you can put your people to work. The further you develop, the more demands are made on buildings. After all, your population needs training to do certain professions. You build the necessary schools for this or you let foreigners come to do the work.

Your population is growing and so are the needs of your population. To keep your people happy, you can meet their needs. An advisor to the people will keep you informed about what facilities you need to provide. In addition to this advisor, you have another advisor. And that's the Crown's advisor. Because you may have your own people and islands, but you are not yet independent. Do you intend to remain loyal to the Crown or do you think you can do without the Crown? Because where is the dictatorship? Make sure you listen to your people's advisor more than the Crown's.


Real dictatorship starts the moment you declare yourself independent from the Crown. When your population is more revolutionary, you will be given the option of independence. Although this will seriously damage your relationship, we'll take that for granted. Because the dictatorship is only just beginning. You can radiate your dictatorship in different ways. You can oppress, bribe, intimidate or even kill your population if they disagree with you. With propaganda you can influence the thoughts of your subjects. However, you will have to be careful with that because you may have to deal with rebellion or even revolution. So make sure you always have your army behind you if you want to play an unscrupulous dictator.

But of course you can also lead your people by simply giving your people what they want and keeping them happy with it. Because you have more worries than just your population. Once you're in the Cold War, you'll have to deal with the Allies and the Axis. As we know history, the two are not mutually exclusive. Also in Tropico 6. Although you can keep both camps happy, you can also choose to rally behind one of these superpowers. This will affect your trade and of course the security of your country. Because you will notice that independence is not always a party.

You will receive frequent visits from the Crown and from your ally's enemy. You can bet that if you are allies with the Allies, the Axis will suddenly take extra interest in your archipelago. Therefore, make sure you are always ready to defend yourself. But also keep an eye on your population, because they also have their own opinion about who should support the country.


Tropico 6 is a wonderful RTS game that plays well. With wonderful background music that fits perfectly with the theme, the hours disappear like minutes. Tropico 6 is really such an RTS game where you will play the sandbox mode rather than the campaign mode. The game is self explanatory, but for some things it is quite useful to go through the tutorial. There are many ways in which you can base your dictatorship. You can be a violent dictator or a peaceful dictator. But of course you can also use a combination of violence and peace to keep your population submissive. If the campaign mode was a bit more fun and interesting, we could have scored the game higher. In the end, we got most of the fun out of the sandbox mode and barely touched the campaign mode.

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